Sunday, November 30, 2008

Team FatBird Marathon Pacers: The Final Countdown

After what began as a passion and desire to provide PaceMaking services to the SCCM08 20 weeks ago, Team FatBird Marathon Pacers has finally completed its 15 week marathon training program this Sunday morning at ECP, The PlayGround @ Big Splash.

The Pacers were bright and early this morning, along with the large turnout of Pacees and marathon trainees, many of whom have joined FatBird on our marathon training journey as well as new ones who for the first time were experiencing the FatBird training machinery and culture...hehe....hope they liked what they experienced. Trainers David and Ronnie had planned for this morning's 18km familiarization of portions of the SCSM08 final route, which was a refreshing welcome from the almost-becoming-routine weekend runs along ECP towards Changi Coastal Road and back...the tough training was behind us...haha.

FatBird Ronnie gave a thorough briefing and away the group of about 60-odd runners set off towards Fort Road, running into Kallang Stadium, and along the People's Academy section. The Pacers, in our white/blue Nike training gear (we will be donning a brand-new set of darker shades for race day *hint*) led the runners along in tightly-knit packs, watching for all at traffic sections and important turning points. After about 10.8km of running, the group reached the U-turn point near The Singapore Flyer. All were relieved by the water-stop and recharged with isotonic drinks in what was a rather hot and humid morning.

The Pacees were taking in the run well, and most were very relaxed, a good sign ahead of next Sunday's race. The idea was to do a shorter distance in the final weekend, at about similar race day intensity, but without being drained off. Lots of final tips on nutrition, pacing, marathon-ning were being dispensed by the experienced marathoners, and the spirits were high. After the break, the group proceeded back along the same way, bypassing the Kallang section this time. Before long, we hit Fort Road to nice winds and cloudy skies. All were very cheery and felt strong even as we draw close to the finish. I urged them to etched in their minds this positive image, to be replayed on race day for a strong finish.

4:30hr Pacer David Shum conducted a good round of stretches in the warm-down routine for the runners. The isototic taps flowed and were dry very quickly this morning, but not before all were refreshed and drank to their heart's content. While awaiting for the Pacers group photo shoot, I had the opportunity to brief all Pacers and runners on Team FatBird Pacers race day preparations and how to spot and follow our Pacers. FatBirds DO and Jancy also briefed the group about race day gear requirements and the carbo-loading arrangements.

When the Pacers and chosen Pacees finally collected their highly anticpated race day top, all were excited and pleased with what they saw, and will surely look forward to don the gear on race day with pride as a Team FatBird Marathon Pacer, leading and motivating runners to reach their important target times at SCSM08.

Team FatBird -
Follow Our Pace, Win Your Race!

Photo_SlideShow, courtesy FatBird Jancy

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