Saturday, November 08, 2008

Team FatBird Pacers, The Final Month

The Team FatBird Pacer Team are into the final month of preparations for the Marathon, and I am pleased with the good progress with 10 weeks of training. The month of November will be a busy one for Team FatBird as we embark on Lunar Trials with Marathon Pacees and trainees alike. We will have additional and separate Lunar Trials sessions with Team FatBird for Sundays and Thursdays, where designated FatBird Pacers/Run Leaders will run along with Lunar trial-ers for 15km-20km distances.

These FatBird Trials-Leads should be wearing a mix of Lunar Trainers and Racers to get a feel of the Lunars for marathon/half-marathon distances, as well as dispense tips and advise to the trial-ers on preparations for marathons and the importance of selecting the correct shoes. This means that there will be 2 separate training sessions for Team FatBird in November:
1. Marathon Training with FatBird Pacers – Saturday mornings
2. Lunar Trials with Team FatBird Pacers (Sundays, Thursdays)

This Saturday morning was our 32km Pace run at ECP, and it was good for me to be back with the 4hr Pace Group. A good turnout today from the Pacers as well as the Pacees. After a quick brief, we ran off towards NSRCC/Changi Coastal Road. I took the opportunity to try my pair of Lunar Racer. I ran for the first 10km stretch with yamsong and another 4hr Pacee, at about a 5:35min/km average pace. I had a good chat with them, before turning back to meet up with the rest of the Pace Groups. All were running together tightly, diligently following their pace times.

On the return, I bumped into many familiar faces, including the trifam Pacers team led by David Tay and Luke. It has been some time since I ran with them, so it was good to spot them....somehow, I think we will be running along on race day :). Had chats with DO, then zco, about their recent marathons and the upcoming ones. My Lunar Racer felt cushiony and light as I chugged along. With about 1km to go, I increased speed and finished the 20km run in 1hr50min. Found time to distribute some Korean goodies which I brought back from the recent trip. The ChocoPie was popular since I told all that it was given out as fuel at the 20-30km marks of the Korean marathons.

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