Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tapering ahead of ChunCheon Marathon

Team FatBird's Marathon Pacers

Pacers setting their PaceBands

It was FatBird's 8th weekend of the Pacers Marathon Training this Saturday. The distance was supposed to be 30km-34km. Because I was in tapering mode ahead of next weekend's ChunCheon Marathon in Korea, I planned to do only 18km. I took the opportunity to brief the Pacer Group Leaders to take care of the various Pace groups during their individual runs, as well as welcome some new members to the team.

We started off at about 7.10am, running towards NSRCC and Changi Coastal Road. I tagged along the 4hr Pace Group, led mostly by Raven and Ultraman. There were about 8 others running in this group. The 3:45hr Pacers were slightly infront, whilst the 4:30hr Pace Group was a little behind. I could see that all the Pacers were trying their best to start off conservatively, and run to their respective paces....I knew it was not easy, and I appreciate them all for trying and doing their best.

It was a smooth run all the way to NSRCC, with the 4hr Pace Group averaging 5:45min/km pace. DO and I decided to turn back, and we took turns to run along with the rest of the groups. It was a good opportunity for us to chat with the teams, understand their challenges and concerns, as well as to give them some guidance and motivation for their very long runs. It was fortunate that most of the runners brought their own hydration and fuel as advised, for it turned out to be scorching HOT.

The 4-Hr Pace Group

DO and I, along with Bev, returned to start point in 2hr+. Along the way, we chatted a little with the TriFam Pacers as well as the Newton Shoe Trial-ers. Our new FatBird Team T attracted good feedback from fellow runners....hope that the Marathon Pacers top will bring the same interest and enthusiasm for all. I managed to hand out the training shoes to some Pacers, who had a chance to try it out for the first time.

Although the weather was challenging, all the Pace Groups returned strong, up to the final 5:30hr Pace Group. As we chatted with Ben Pulham from Racers Toolbox, zco the impressive 5:30hr Pace Group Leader finished his run looking great. Ben was suitably impressed with our 'madness' and enthusiasm for the long distance training under such conditions....hmm, we hope to get him to join in for some of our Pace Runs very soon....hehe.

A Confident & Jubilant Team

With the various Pace Groups taking shape, and conditioning themselves physically and mentally, I am confident we will have a very good outing at this year's SCSM08. Very soon, we should be seeing more marathon trainees joining our Pace Group Runs, and hopefully, we can arrange for them to try out some of the gadgets like Pace Bands and even marathon running shoes...well, more action in the month of November....meanwhile, let me just go to Korea and enjoy my very first back-back full marathons :)

Photo Slide Show from FatBird's Photo Album

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