Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Changi Connection...

Went for the second I-Run at Changi Business Park last evening, and led the 10km group of runners. A good stretching routine by Emelyn preceded the run, with Team FatBird decked out in the bright, luminous yellow T (our run-leading colours at CBP). Because of the roadworks around the Expo area, there was a need for the team to make some modifications to the routes.

I led the 10km run along with Jancy and Vincent. AC and Niwas took care of the 5km runners, while DO, Helen and Emelyn looked after the 3km. A few familiar faces joined us from the other I-Run locations....Paul, Michael, zco, Rita. After getting through the few traffic stops, it was a smooth run on soft grounds along the PCN at Bedok Park. Sacha and Ming were running steadily, while Giorgio and a few other veterans were racing ahead....good that Jancy knew the way and led them to the 5km U-turn point.

I was trying out my new toy, the Garmin Forerunner 405, and it was accurate to a T when I hit the U-turn point with its reading at 4.9km. It seems that a number of SgRunners and FatBird members have gotten the Garmin lately.....good....then we have more runners with a good tool to calculate accurate distances ran, and to recce for new routes for training and runs. Met Kaster and his colleague, new runners to CBP on the return, and had a good chat about marathon training with them. I then caught up with zco, and for the final 2km, I was racing with Ming....haha, fast runner, but both of us had a satisfying hard run to the finish :)

My Garmin recorded a distance of 9.9km, with time of 55min. The good thing about the device/watch is that it is able to stop measuring time and distance when we are below a certain pace to cater to standstills or walks.....that gives quite an accurate reading, especially when we have to cross traffic junctions, or wait for runners at critical junctions to guide them. The actual elapsed time as shouted out by DO was 61min.

I got to know quite a number of I-Runners who were rather serious about marathon and long distance training....they should join some of the FatBird Marathon Training sessions. The team will assume full responsibility for run-leading, including stretching, for all 3km, 5km, 10km distances from next Monday. I hope to see I-Run@CBP grow in strength, just like it did in River Promenade and International Business Park.

Distance: 9.9km__Time: 55min__Pace: 5:33min/km

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