Thursday, October 09, 2008

The week after F1

With the F1 completed, we resumed I-Run @ RP in town this week. The turnout was well over 110 runners for both Tuesday and Thursday. With the drinks control system in place, it seems that there have been sufficient isotonic and mineral water for all at the end of the run, even for those who did 10km....yes 10km.

This week, we started with a small group of I-Runners (those who could run at an average 5:30min/km-6min/km pace) on a new extension of the 7km route to about 9.8km. I lead the route on Tuesday, with David doing it on Thursday. The 10km route was quite a nice one, extending to the Floating Platform area twice at the Esplanade area. Those who did it enjoyed, and next week should see some of the gal runners join in too.

Thursday evening had some new runners like Sling, Senza, Ming and tktan join was fun as usual with FatBirds out in force, as well as some I-Runners whom we have missed for 2 weeks. The weather was kind, especially after the afternoon showers. We had a good run as always at RP, and it seems that more will be wanting to try longer distances as the marathon looms. I hope the new FatBird colours will be ready soon for I-Runs at RP and CBP to bring more colours to both locations :)

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