Friday, September 26, 2008

MF Rendevous

Since doing the I-Runs at River Promenade on Tues and Thur, I have not been able to join the SAFRA MF training much. Since I-Run@RP was taking a respite due to F1, I had the chance to pop over to MF to visit old friends and running khakis.

Met Adam at Ah Kun and had a good chat about some of the recent happenings at I-Runs and at SAFRA. Alber soon joined in, and we spoke about FatBird Marathon Pacers. There was a reasonable crowd of about 30+ runners, and I had a nice time catching up with the runners. The weather was rather humid, but still nice and dry.

It has been some time since I ran the Delta Canal annd along Ridley Park...nice. Along the old CMPB near Dempsey, I picked up speed to follow a few fast-running babes....later found out that they were the Tiong Bahru, fast. If they had already done 1-2 full marathons, I would consider them for FatBird Pacers....nvm, next time :) Many of the SAFRA khakis have received news about FatBird through the website and newsletters, and they were pretty keen in our training programs and I spent some time story-telling lah...haha

The Garmin 405 measured 13.7km when I finished in 1hr15min (actual run time)....very accurate...more people were keen on getting the Garmin when we shared the benefits and user-friendliness with them....I hope there are enough sticks out there for this weekend....hehe.

Invited a few people to join us for Pacer Training....good that they are enthusiastic about giving something back to the running community by helping more runners achieve their marathon goals...I hope we can build up the Pacing Team gradually to provide good marathon pacing services for races from 10km-84km on road and trail....well, that remains to be seen, as good support and encouragement will surely be required for that to happen.

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