Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rainy Weather @ IBP

The rain stopped in time for the I-Run @ IBP. Because of the rain-out situation last Wed, this week's attendance was lower. However, there were quite a few new runners. Most of the runners at IBP have progressed from 3km to the 7km and 10km distances. As the 10km runners were familiar with the route, I had a chance to do a 10km easy run without much stoppages, short of waiting at the mid-point near the 2nd bridge.

A light drizzle came on midway through the run, but it was rather relaxing. My left leg has been feeling a little tight with all the pounding on the hard grounds at ECP and RP, and it was relief to be able to run on softer tarmac along the canal route at IBP. I thought about many things, but mostly about race day preparations for Team FatBird Pacers, and how we will deliver our loyal Pacee runners to the finish line according to their targets.

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