Sunday, November 09, 2008

Lunar Trials with Team FatBird

Happy FatBirds with Lunars

Lunar Trials with Team FatBird Pacers

This morning was the start of the Lunar Trials with Team FatBird at ECP. It rained through 3am in the morning, and by 6am, the rain had abated. Many people have called/sms-ed earlier to cancel their turnup because of the rain, but all the FatBird Pacers were there for our training, as well as try out the Lunar Trainers and Racers.

Reached Carpark B1 at 6.45am, and saw the Sim Wong Hoo and his creative gang prepping for a 20km training run. Said hello to a few of the familiar ones, and then spotted Raven who mentioned the Lunar Trials shoes were there. We helped with the informal set-up, and by 7am, the rain had stopped for what would be great weather for a run.

Briefing to the Pacers

Gana was there with his team of national distance runners, some of them capable of running 2:50hr marathons. I managed to find a pair of Lunar Racer, with a slight upsize to US10.5, which fit me to a T in this case. A few small groups were gathered for their runs, and I invited them to join us for some pacing work as well as try out the shoes.

Sacha and Gana gave a brief followed by some tips for marathoning. I gave a quick brief to the newcomers of our paced run for the day, and away we went. Most of the newcomers followed the 4hr pace group, with a section following the 4:30-5:00 Pacers. It was a cool morning that was simply great for running. I managed to catch a few more new runners along the way, and one of them going for 3hr20min this year was even coached by Kien Mau....a number of serious runners were out putting in their final homework, leaving lots more in the cozy comforts of their warm beds at home...hehe...hmm, those who are willing to put in the effort will duly be rewarded, I am sure.

Since a few of us did 20-32km yesterday, most of the Pacers did about 10-12km this morning.The lunar shoes had good responses for their cushy feel, especially on the hard concrete of ECP where we trial-ed them. The Pacers had pleasant experiences with the shoes, and were pretty excited with the feel and responsiveness of the Lunars. Many think they can go the full marathon in them. I had a nice time with the Lunar Racer, and I believe I could go in them for a full marathon without too much problems.

The SAFRA MF folks popped by for a visit, and did a quick try-out of the shoes too. It seemed their training run was cancelled, and the few hard-core runners did turn up to run anyway...hehe. After packing and washing up, 10 of us adjourned to East Cost Road for delicious Prawn Noodle and Hgoh Hiang. A nice, wonderful Lunar experience indeed :)

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