Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back To Nature @ MacRitchie

Team FatBird Runners @ MacRitchie Reservoir

After a relatively long absence, we finally found time to revisit MacRitchie Reservoir this Saturday morning for a 'Back To Nature' run in the trails amongst the flora and fauna. Although the many weeks of training at ECP and City area on hard concrete surfaces have been good conditioning for Sundown Marathon and Army Half Marathon, with NorthFace100 looming, some of the FatBird runners have to begin running more on the hilly, but soft slopes of MR and Reservoir District.

Mini-briefing @ Ranger Hut about Rifle Range Trails

A few groups gathered at the MR carpark by 7am....The SAFRA MF Runners, Team FatBird & Friendz, SgRunners, MR25 and some of the schools....I guess cross-country must be coming up soon. Exchanged greetings with many familiar faces and lots of catching up on recent races ensued, before our informal TFB grouping took off towards The Northern Route. Many of those who joined us were new to the MR trails and routes, and we wanted to run at 'sight-seeing' pace to show them around. It took us about 25min to exit the 4km Northern Trails, before proceeding to the Ranger Hut for a water break.

hmmm...let us study the terrain

From there, we proceeded along the hilly Rifle Range Trails to the entrance to Rifle Range Road. We will take the runners onto the road portion towards Bukit Timah area sometime when the opportunity arises. Back to the Ranger Hut for yet another water break after having covered the 5km Rifle Range portion. All were in high spirits, and were enjoying the trails and nature, something not often done as most run mainly in ECP and the City area.

The final stretch....we can see the light :)

The pace for the final 6km back was a tad faster as we entered familiar territory. Beverly did a good job of showing Charlene and Joe around the trails, short of 1 or 2 short cuts around the stumpy 'tree-roots' area...hehe. I saw a couple of Raffles Insitution runners doing the 2.5km Lornie Trails and decided to follow them behind for some tempo. It was fun watching them running the slopes, with me trying to keep up. We completed the 15km run in about 1hr50min, including breaks and all. All the MR newbies enjoyed the trails very much and were already asking for more, and when we would be back again.

For sure, I will be back with the FatBirds for more MR soon....the MR25 Progressive Runs, the NorthFace training runs, TFB 'Back To Nature' fun runs. I also want to take some time out to recce for a nice gathering spot near the newly set-up 'Club-House' which gives a sense of proximity to nature. I would love to have a nest for the FatBirds in that natural habitat, one that can be pleasing and comfortable for the flock.

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