Sunday, August 09, 2009

Gliding along Bedok Reservoir Park

Photo SlideShow By FatBird DO

On this National Day morning, I assembled at the Bedok Reservoir Park with Team FatBird, Racers Toolbox and the Nike Runners, to do the first in a series of four LunarGlide+ shoe trial training runs. The morning was cloudy with a thin cloud of haze, but that did not deter about 50 of us from doing a 6km morning run along the sandy trails....I have raced at the location a couple of times during the Public Service Runs...brought back nice memories of the BBQ dinners we would have at Adam's condominium just across the Park after each run.

Met Ming, Alvin, Ben, Gana and the familiar Nike run coaches and trainers. Our Team FatBird pacers were early as well, with YN, Spencer, Terry, Beng, Suan already mingling and chatting with the runners. It was nice to see Tekko, Molly and Ayin, who normally do the Eastside runs. The Philippino group whom we met at previous Nike runs were there too. Ming did the opening, Ben the stretching and Team FatBird marshaled the running. It was good fun chatting with the new runners, and encouraging them along, especially the slopes near to the end. The feedback on the LunarGlide+ was very positive, as the shoes performed well on both the sandy as well as grass surfaces.

It was the first time I tried the 'Glides' on a sandy surface, and I was happy with the traction it longer had I the feeling of sliding backwards nor feeling 'slippery'. The Dynamic Support System kicked in well in certain uneven areas, and although the shoes might not be that comfy for walking or standing around, they really are smooth on the run. With the final slope conquered, the runners finished off the 6km with a sense of satisfaction, made good with the cushion and support of the LunarGlide+.

Team FatBird did an earlier Review of the LunarGlide+ for distances of up to 21km...we hope to bring the shoes for longer runs and into marathon training soon. We hope to do more reviews of the shoes over longer distances, and will provide more runners' feedback as we have them. We will experience more of the shoes over the next 2 shoe trial training sign up for them at the Nike Run Club site to get an early slot.

Let It Slide, Let It Glide, What A Ride!

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At 8:19 PM, Blogger ayeesha said...

I was there yest...*Sobs*I was lost @ the middle of the Reservoir searching for the Nike ppl. Think i ran more than 6km..extra 2/3km..& got in last.. hope to c u guyz in the upcoming gathering/race!

At 3:45 PM, Blogger Sally said...

i enjoyed reading your blog...

and the phots were great...just realised Bedok Reservoir is a nice place to run...I have never been there....

hope to be able to join u guys next time when there is such event...



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