Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Running The BAY? FatBirds Will Show The WAY!

Photo Contributions from Daniel Wee, Clarence Pong, FatBirds DO & Spencer
Video Interviews by TFB Media (FatBirds Keonz, YN)

Operation Kingfisher Training Crew

100+ runners have signed up for Operation Kingfisher, Team FatBird's 8-week program to prepare runners for this years SBR/AHM. After 2 weeks of base-building runs, 40+ runners gathered at The PlayGround @ Big Splash this morning...good to see many familiar faces, participants of Ops NightHawk and i-Runs, as well as new faces who have joined in TFB's training programs for the first time.

The Kingfisher Training Team was decked out in Newton Running and 2XU to put the Science Of Motion to some trials and testing. After wearing the Newtons for a few weeks, the team is ready to bring these fast-running shoes for training and race-day use. After registration and the customary group photos, we set out for the 13km distance in 3 paced groups...5:00-5:30min/km pace led by FatBirds Keonz, DO, Anthony; 5:30-6:00min/km pace led by FatBirds YN, Jancy, Spencer and 6:00-7:00min/km led by FatBirds Beng and Terry. The weather turned clear and the morning sun reared itself soon after we launched.

Han, Choon, Wee, Darren and about 4 more paced Keonz at 4:40min pace up front, while Yamsong, Silvia, Daniel, Yong and 5 more went with DO and Anthony at 4:55min pace. There was a larger mid-pack group, and then Charlene, Amy, SC and the rest went with Terry. We maintained a very steady pace throughout, albeit a little faster than target for the initial 5km. All did a U-turn at the first toilet after F2; everyone looking cheery in spite of the fast pace put on. The Newtons held up well, with their striking colours and design standing out.

Kingfisher Runners trotting in step

FatBirds Spencer and DO were cheering the runners and taking photos as they turn at the 6.7km mid-point. Eileen and Ang joined us midway after they had done their 25km and 21km runs....they are already thinking of the TNF100 Trail Race in October...haha. I joined Raymond and Min for the remaining 5km at about 5:25min/km pace.....they were getting strong, no race day, they will surely go below 2hr. Zhi Lei and her friend was also keeping up quite well with Benny's group at around 6min/km pace.

TFB Media interview of Ops Kingfisher Participants

We were pleasantly greeted by Clarence with his dual camera and the large zoom lens at the final 500m stretch. The main group finished the 13km within 1hr15min, with a few doing 11km. We had 100plus and bananas support for the thirsty runners as reward for a good workout. More photo-taking by Clarence for the team and group as we posed by the seaside. TFB Media was also on hand to interview the team and trainees about their first session of Operation Kingfisher. It was a nice launch to the program, with more participants expected for the coming week #2 schedule....and Newton Shoe Trials to look forward to.

Running The BAY? FatBirds will show You The WAY!

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