Thursday, July 02, 2009

Let It Slide. Let It Glide. What A Ride!

Team FatBird was on hand (and legs) at the Nike Running Club (Nike Store @ Wisma) to take the 20+ runners out on a 5km run to trial the newly launched Nike LunarGlide+ shoes. Sacha and Ben gave a good introduction to the key features of the shoes, and left the rest to the LunarGlide+ to do their actual 'running' :)

As evident in the photos, the Nike Runners had a swell time, and many gave good 'first-leg' reviews of the shoes. It seems that Nike has a potential winner in the LunarGlide+, more so with its suitability for a wide range of runners from neutral to those who over pronate not too severely. The ladies had it good this time with special features built just for them, not to mention the very attractive design and colour of those runners.

Let It Slide. Let It Glide. What A Ride!
The LunarGlide+


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