Friday, June 12, 2009

Newton in a shoe?

Received my first pair of Newton racers, and the first thing that caught my eyes upon opening up the box was the face of Newton inside each side of the shoes. The Nike Bowerman series too has Bowerman's picture in inside the shoes....however, that's where the similarity ends though.

Newton in the shoes

I brought them out for a 9km run around my normal estate route. As I am a neutral mid-foot strike runner, I found that the Newton Racer fit me quite well. I could slightly feel the lugs in the undersoles initially....I understand that we need to run them in a few times to break-in. I found that I was breathing heavier, and to my surprise, I realize I was running faster....the Newtons made me lean forward more, and that caused my pace to increase quite a bit. I was rather surprised with my final timing at the end of the 9km easy pace...I wasn't pushing it that much....hmm.

Newton neutral racer

Other than the shoes looking pretty nice, they are quite suitable for fast runs as they are light and aids the runner with a forward lean. The lugs will need some getting used to, but I see them as a potential advantage. I hope to take this babe for slightly longer runs and deploy it during the Army Half Marathon training sessions....we might have something interesting here.....I will provide updates as I give them a few more trials.

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At 10:50 AM, Blogger Rizwan said...

Hi. I am interested in these shoes. Can you tell me if you purchased them in Singapore? If so, where at?

At 1:00 PM, Blogger The DreamRunner said...


you may purchase them from a list of retailers authorized by Key Power International ->



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