Sunday, May 03, 2009

MR25 (20km) Progressive Run 2009

The rains came crashing down all over the island at 2am+, waking me, and causing me to think about the shoes I needed to change for the muddy 20km MR25 Progressive Run this morning. The turnout wasn't as good as normal, likely due to weather, as well as the recent change of route to the Progressive Run.

Colleen, Buakaw/Jason, DO, HeeShen, myself and the regulars were ready to try out the new 20km route, which essentially was the 10.5km loop times 2, in reverse order. Met tnancy, K2Oz, William who were there to do their leisure run. Many of the regulars like Ultraman, TLR, brokie, Bug, stardust, kk, Cheow12, etc were not around. Some chats revolving about FatBird members ensued, before Mark Dyson called the run to a start at 7am.

The initial 3.8km along Northern Route was relatively fast, and I decided to drop pace for a bit to allow the speedsters to go ahead. Buakaw ran with me for a while, before dropping back and following. Neo came up midway, and in usual fashion, overtook me at the 2km mark. With a 20km LSD done yesterday at ECP, I was in no mood for too fast a pace this morning. I was feeling ok when I exited along Northern Route, and into Pump House, then Sime Trail. The Structured TriaX served me well, and was good support for that nasty stretch of rocky trail.

By the time I reached Jelutong Tower, I was pretty much alone, save for 1-2 others whom I had overtaken. Hitting Lornie Road, I felt good, and went at steady 5:35min/km pace back to zig-zag bridge for a 52min first 10km. RealRunner and wifey were there on hand to marshal us, and Christine (I think thats her name?) was found along Lornie Trail cheering...hehe. DO had told me earlier he was going to do just one round as his leg was slightly tight. Another F1 runner decided to turn back too, as he was not feeling in form.

So it was me alone for most of the 2nd 10km loop, this time in reverse. The water boys were in full force, but alas, no isotonic drinks. Fortunately I brought a small bottle of Gatorade mix, and that kept me going for most of the way. By the 15km mark, I was feeling weak, and pretty drained by all the ups/downs along the rocky and muddy trails. I slowed down slightly, and by the Ranger Station, I had recovered sufficiently to catch up with Neo and another veteran runner. Neo courteously let me pass at Northern Route back, and I caught up with, and paced that veteran runner in front.

Together, we had a good run for the final 3km stretch along Northern Route. He was grunting hard, but legs were very strong. I decided to stay with him for a bit before overtaking him on the 2nd last upslope. He made a good comeback, but was blocked by the walkers in the trails....aiya! With his footsteps getting faint, I just went at my pace and finished the 20km trail run in 1hr47min. I thought I could do 1hr45min, but I guess I don't have the fuel to push for that...hehe. It has been quite some time since I last participated in a time trial or race, and this hard workout really tested my legs and heart....I liked it.

Thanks to nancy and K207 who stayed behind to cheer us. We too stayed around to cheer the rest of the runners coming in, and my, there are quite a number of fast and furious female runners....many whom I have not seen before. Colleen did pretty well, and she enjoyed the run. William looked very strong too....and Hee Shen was blazing in along with Buakaw, who might have taken a slightly longer route. Overall, it was a nice workout where we get to catch up with running kakis, new and old :)

My Garmin405 Readings:
Distance: 19.5km XC__Time: 1hr47min__Pace: 5:31min/km

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