Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nike Free @ Nike RUN Club

Went down to the Nike RUN Club @ Wisma for the second run with a new group of sign-ups. A number of i-RUNners came down specifically to try this much talked about run in the city and gardens, as well as to try some of the new Nike running shoes. I took the opportunity to give the new Nike Free 5.0 a stab.

Everyone was enjoying the slow starting pace, getting to know one another along Orchard Boulevard. This group of about 30 has pretty strong sports background, although not all are regular runners. Some do regular yoga, some play soccer, others do sprints....but all were there for a run along as a group and have a good workout.

They thoroughly enjoyed the Botanic Gardens loops, where they had a chance to try the bouncy LunarTrainers, the lightweight LunarRacers, the very supportive Structured TriaX, and of course, the oustanding and shwe Nike Frees. I found the new Free to be good in the heel cushion area, with sufficient mid-forefoot cushion, although not as lush as the LunarRacers. Still I would rank it as a very good training shoe for distances up to 10km, to build strong calves and ankles, as well as developing good running ergonomics.

As usual, everyone enjoyed the the nice after-run Subway treats, Iced Milo and mystery prizes. A few runners have asked for distances to be extended, especially in the Botanic Gardens, while others would like to see The Nike Run SG being done on a weekly basis. Still, it is just the beginning, and with more positive feedback being garnered, I am sure Nike will consider having more of such runs in the otherwise predominantly shopping-based Orchard belt :)

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At 9:53 PM, Blogger Hedkandi said...

Hello! I was one of the runners that day and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you guys for marshalling, taking care of the group and so on. Appreciate the effort on making it an enjoyable run! I also concur that the distance could be a wee-bit longer. Looking forward to the next one!


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