Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Night Hawk #4 - Melting Pot

Team A NightHawkers

Team B NightHawkers

The weather forecast predicted it was going to be a hot day at Team FatBird's NightHawk Marathon Training session #4. When we arrived at The PlayGround @ Big Splash at 6:50am, a large group had already gathered. We chit-chatted, mingled a little, and got to know a few newcomers. Attendance was taken, followed by a brief of the 10km-28km route towards Changi Coastal Road, and the run was started at 7.20am.

I was sweeping the rear of Group A (22km-28km) and was sharing with BernOh, Zhi Lei, and a few new runners on the virtues of starting at a slower pace. There was certainly a lot more compression tights and hydration belts amongst the runners today, as all were prepared for some long running in the heat. My heart rate was registering a good 130+ average for the first 10km, which was within zone.

As we hit out into the park connector, the sun was staring at us with its heated fury. It was good that many of the runners came prepared with water bottles and belts. I took many sips of the gatorade mix from my new Ultimate Direction fuelbelt.....which sat rather comfortably. I have been adhering to the FatTrim Zones training for these past few weeks, and it seemed to be working....running in the correct zone to improve fuel efficiency.

As we went into Changi Coastal Road, bumped into wee from TODAY...he did a very fast 3hr36min HK Marathon....*kudos* considering that he only took up distance run after his following our (NTUC Climbathon Team) adventure at the Mt. Kinabalu Climbathon in 2007. It was good chats with DO, wee and the small group we were in. At the 14km U-turn (4th Shelter), I stayed on to wait a little for the rest. On the way back, a number of the runners took a beating from the very HOT sun....a few were walking at the connector out from Changi Coastal Rd. With 10km to go, I spotted DO, SiYi and her group doing a very steady pace....they have been improving over the past few runs.

Team FatBird's Watering Hole

Simon was spotted with 6km to go....the heat seemed to be getting a little to him. We ran alongside for a good 3km, with my HR averaging 135...not bad, burning more fats...hehe. The sun was really HOT this morning, but I was feeling quite ok as I started with a very slow, easy pace....the glycogen stores were still sufficient....with 2km to go, I ramped on the HR to 150+ and completed the 28km with SiYi and her group in a nice photo-finish. Went to the FatBird watering hole for some cold 100-Plus and Sng Pao. A crowd had gathered by then, and lots of group photos were taken....chats with the bikers and other interested runners took us till 11am, when Team Coconut's reps arrived for a lunch appointment with us :)

Banana Boat Birds

Bubbly Birds Buzzing after the run

It was yet another successful mission for Team FatBird and the participants....conquering the grueling weather and distance to finish one of the more grueling training sessions in the schedule...one more day training session (28km) next sat morning, and then the highly anticipated Dusty Run (30km) leg on a friday night, April 10. Till then, its back to the nest to soak the tired legs in warm water, followed by a good uSqueez and some roller-foaming :)

-- Photo Slideshow by FatBird Jancy

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