Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ops Night Hawk: FatBurn Zone

After a series of tests at Racers ToolBox yesterday, we were extolling the virtues of knowing where our Fat-burning zones were, and how we should slow down our LSDs to maintain a steady paced run. The group of 13 (DO, Stardust, Terry, YN, Spencer, Min, Beng, Suan, Ang, teelee, Mashie, Passion, and myself) showed up at Bishan Stadium, and by 7.30am, we set off along Bishan Park towards LPR, then to OUTR. We tried sticking to an average of about 7:45min/km for the first 5km, which was pretty challenging for many of us.

Everybody wanted to stay within the Fat-burning zone, and to expand that by running at about average 130-139bps HR (at least for me)....that reminds me to get my Garmin HR wearlink soon. We had a good time running at chit-chat pace, although the legs were still working hard. We turned back from OUTR and went into UPR, along some of the MR slopes. There we practised some hills (which are supposed to be good for strengthening our legs (which are not that strong, especially for long distance runners like ourselves).

Stardust, Mashie, Passion, Terry broke into brisk-walking at some stages, especially those up the slopes. I felt I was working overtime, although the pace was only about 7:30min/km. We lost lots of water and electrolytes in the rather hot and humid morning, but was happy to be maintaining our LSD pace. Into the air-cond road and out, we went back up the slopes of UPR, then back all along OUTR in a single file. Teelee and Stardust, the 2 very fast marathoners were showing and sharing how they got their PBs by running at such sustained slow, fat-burning paces....there should be some truth and good in all these LSDs bah :)

Along Bishan Park, we chatted as strollers and bladers moved spite of the 2km or so left, it seemed like eternity....we had been on our feet for close to 2.5hrs. We pushed on at a 7min/km pace, trying hard to maintain 7:30min/km but finding it very hard. The thought of the Sng Pao and 100plus ensured we steadied our minds to stick with the pace....hehe. At the final 100m, I picked up a short sprint, but found that my legs were 'jammed', after being in a steady mode for too long....haha. YN and Stardust went for an additional quick 3km. The rest of us finished the 21.5km distance in a steady 2hr45min time....the first time I ever held on to such a pace over that kind of long distance....I was most impressed with the group.

I know we are on to something....will have to incorporate more of such heartzones training into our program for better fuel efficiency and improved lactate buildup/clearance mechanism. The Sng Pao at the end tasted 'heavenly'...thanks to YN for the maiden effort....Stardust/Mashie had volunteered to be the next Sng Pao boy/gal....hmmm. Thanks to Beng/Suan for the bananas, 100plus from TFB funds. There was a surprise lunch affair decided, which unfortunately I could not join....will wait for the photos and separate report from that....meanwhile, I look forward to more of such FatBird Zones LSDs in the coming NightHawk Training sessions.

Distance: 21.5km__Time: 2hr45min__Pace: 7:40min/km

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