Sunday, February 08, 2009

NewtonActive Familiarization Run

Following on from last year's role as pacers/roving marshals at the Ponggol Central Run, the few of us volunteered again to be roving marshals at the Newton Active Run 09. DO, Kayano, Beverly, myself were back in the Pacing team, and are now joined by a larger crew, including SgRunners like tekko, Molly, as well as reps from the sponsor organizations of Running Lab, Key Power and Active360.

This Sunday was the NewtonActive familiarization run for the crew as well as participants. Most of the crowd of about 50 who turned up were going for the 10km competitive distance. We started off at the actual start-point, about 500m away from Sengkang CC. The weather was chilly at first. The bikers led the way, and we followed in two waves. The 10km route this year have us going into two Parks with some slopes, adding to the variety and challenge. The 5km was relatively straightforward and pretty flat.

I measured the entire route to be 10.5km, with Kayano and DO returning 10.3km. Mike Kang also confirmed the route to be slightly long, which would be moderated by race day. I liked the route overall, and I think the runners will enjoy this special run in the North-East. I went on for an additional loop to end my Sunday run at 12.5km. I heard that there will be 3000+ runners on race day, and MPs will grace the occasion with some running....cya on March 1.

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