Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lunar New Year Runs

Organized a pre-CNY run for Team FatBird and frenz on Saturday morning. Good weather, nice turnout of 22 runners....many were back from SCSM08 to start up again. Met many other groups like David Tay's, too family, sgrunners, wee, all out ramping up their mileage. FatBirdz & Frenz were chatting about upcoming Sundown preparations, and egging one another to go for it...seems like we will have to prepare for more regular runs.

That morning was not my day....I was hit so bad by diarrhoea, and lost so much water, that I hit the 'wall' at the 10km legs felt like jelly, and I was reduced to walking 1km, running 200m....the worst feeling I have felt in a long time...

Thanks to the group for waiting for me patiently, and showing concern....apologies I could not join you all for the sumptuous makan, as my stomach was churning real bad...I felt slightly better now (at home), but still feeling is not any of the CNY cookies/bak kwa as my family all seem fine....hope I recover in time for the big reunion meal tomorrow...all said, a good run for the whole group....cya all at the River Hong-Bao i-RUN next Thursday (Jan29)...cheers!

The weather was immaculate on the first day of New Year. Slept till late from the late night movies, and started off at about 10.30am. I had on my OX-picious red FatBird top to welcome the new year. There were 2-3 runners on the roads while lots more people in red were moving into the estates to 'Pai Nian'. I felt better this morning, and was happy to be burning off some of the excesses from the previous night's feasting. Bev did a shorter 7km run, while I completed the 10.5km distance. The final 3km was a tad hot with the mid-day sun emerging. I had a few good thoughts about some of the running plans I have for the coming year, and I hope for more BULL-ish happenings for me and Team FatBird.

It had been 2 full days of eating and indulging. Our tummies felt quite bloated, and there was this pent up energy. After getting home, and watching a little TV, we decided to go for a run to burn off the pent-up energy. The weather was windy and cool. We started off at about 10.15pm and finished the whole run in 55min. The pace was fast for she wanted to be near me at that time of the night. She was strong, and I was enjoying the steady pace. I felt much better after the run, lighter tummy....but then, I went on to chomp on more CNY goodies and bak kwa, and watched more TV into the wee hours of the morning....what a nice relaxing holiday...hehe

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