Wednesday, December 31, 2008

FatBird, i-RUN into 2009

With the holiday season and the ushering of the new year, I took the opportunity to do a solitary run. Because of the numerous i-RUNs and TFB Pacer training sessions in 2008, it has been a long time since I ran alone. I had the sudden urge to just go for a short run, and pulled Bev along to start from our nest.

I broke away from Bev after 2km and soon got into the 'zone'...hehe. The neighbourhood has not changed much, other than the completion of some of the major roads and MRT stations....great that there are pathways to run on now, albeit concrete. The weather was cool and soon my thoughts flowed. By the end of the run, many ideas had run through my mind, and some issues were resolved. Some interesting plans were conceived too, all in that short 40min or, such is the power of a solitary run.

As we finish the last day of the tumultous 2008, and move into what will be hopefully a more exciting 2009, I would like to wish all readers of TheDreamRunner's BLOG a Happy and Prosperous FatBird New Year :) Hip Hip Hooray!

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