Saturday, January 10, 2009

Base building for 2009

Hello FatBirds & friends,

The local running calendar in 2009 looks set to be another exciting one, from the 2nd rendition of the Sundown Ultra-Marathon to the SCKL Marathon in June and of course the year-end SCSM, interspersed with many intermediate-distance events like the NewtonActive Run, Shape Run, Human Race Run, AHM, et al.

To prepare runners (especially the new ones) for some of these events, we are exploring the possibility of getting together for weekly base training workouts of briskwalk-jog-run on weekends eg. Friday evenings, Sat mornings at ECP, Sunday morning LSDs at various locations islandwide. Those who are keen to join in please keep a lookout for announcements and discussions in Team FatBird's facebook or in the BLOG.

I am looking forward to yet another exciting year of runs and fellowship.

FatBird Anthony

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