Saturday, January 31, 2009

FatBird weekend run @ MacRitchie

A ad-hoc, last-minute run at MR was planned for Saturday after considering the need to burn off CNY excesses, and the flurry of activities this weekend. Due to the short notice, 12 came for the 20km MR25 Progressive Run route familiarization - Stardust, HophIng, David, Bug, SealBoon, kok san, Ang, YN, Spencer, Cheow, Soloman and myself. Ah Beng and Suan came early to deliver bananas...thanks. Bumped into the Too Family and one or two other running groups doing their weekend LSDs.

The weather was cool and windy, as we started off towards the Northern Trails. The pace was pretty quick at the start, and we exited in 23min. Up the SICC chunky slopes we went, and soon we could hear some panting amongst us...hehe. The golf course along the Reservoir side was clear this morning, and we enjoyed the nice quiet and scenery as we ran as a group. Soloman and I took a quick water break at UPR toilet, while the rest continued. We played catch-up along aircond road, as the newbies soaked in the sights.

There were quite a number of people doing their rounds of walks, jogs and runs. We said 'hi' to the runners and strollers as we ran past, and they too smiled back with acknowledgement. I was perpiring profusely as we tackled the slopes at UPR. The group reached the Main Gate to OUTR in 53min (9.7km mark). I picked up the pace slightly on the return, and had good fun running hard up the slopes with Soloman, Cheow and DO. YN was very strong throughout, and was the only sole gal running in the group...*woot*.

I did not have my fuel belt with me this morning; had to take another quick water break at the UPR toilet. We continued on across the bridge, flanked by huge expanse of water and greenery on each side. It was 'carbo-burning' time up those SICC slopes yet again, before we turned towards the Pump House leading to the Ranger Station. DO took the Northern Trail back, while the rest of US went via Sime Trail. I could feel the rocks beneath my Lunar Racer, but Managed to maintain my nimble stance with the shoes' flex. Kok San was getting a hard workout, and was keeping up very well. YN and SealBoon were as usual cool as cucumbers. Ang, Soloman and Cheow were having a field day right in front.

Out of Sime Trail, past Jelutong Tower, onto the wooden bridge, and then along the other side of SICC to the 'Tree Roots' area. I showed Spencer, YN and KokSan the tarmac path around the roots area, and we managed to emerge at the exercise area. With just 2.5km left, we picked up the pace, conquered the final 2 slopes, and reached back to the carpark in 2hr2min. The bananas came in handy for recovery. We washed up before proceeding to Adam Food Centre for makan....lots of chats and laughter....discussions centred on the Project Night Hawk - Sundown Marathon Training Program, KL and Phuket Marathons. Lots of interesting races coming up, and we have to embark on regular training sessions soon :)

Distance: 20.3km XC__Time: 2hr2min__Pace: 6:01min/km

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