Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NightHawk Recovery @ MF

These night training runs do take a toll on the body, ad we normally need a few days to recover from the loss of sleep. That is why the NightHawk Program has a night run every 2-3 weeks instead.

Sunday was recovery for the week's training, and this time we went down to SAFRA Mt. Faber to visit the Club as well as the terrain which I have missed. Some of the FatBird folks were at the SubUrban race or training at the trails in MacRitchie. DO, Ultra, Earth, Eugene, Senza, Li Lian and myself joined Bug, Ong, Jimmy Chow, Kok Kong, TYM, Runalone and a few others for the 13km-26km SAFRA MF long run.

DO and I already planned to do 13km-15km, and so was quite content to run with the small group of Eugene, Senza and Li Lian. We went up the Buona Vista 99-winding turns at chit-chat pace. I ensured that my Heart Rate was in the 130 area. The rest were quite happy to soak in the sights and slopes. We did not follow Bug's group into NUS, and turned straight into Kent Ridge Park. It was a pretty hot morning as we found some shade in the cover of the large trees at the Park.

We continued on thru The Canopy, then the mini Lombard turns, through the Horticulture Park. We took a cooler break, before proceeding to bring the mini group along the Henderson Waves trails. They were enjoying the slopes and dust, as they huffed and puffed, vowing to be back for more of those the next time. We took a little shortcut to Telok Blangah Hill, before arriving back to ClubHouse in very good timing. Kopi and toast followed after our wash up, with lots of nice chats and laughter to round off a very relaxing recovery day.

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