Sunday, March 01, 2009

NewtonActive Run 2009

Jubilant team @ NewtonActive 2009, courtesy tekko

Riding on the success of last year's maiden Ponggol Central Run, the few of us (Francis, David, Beverly and myself) once again volunteered ourselves to be pacers and run marshals of the NewtonActive Run this year. We were joined this year by SgRunners tekko, Molly, acidburn and Sleek including the Ponggol Central Runners to form the larger run marshal contingent.

We were more on-the-ball this year including going for a familiarization run a few weeks back...hehe. There were many familiar faces at the 3 main categories of 10km Open, 10km Veteran and 5km social. Ministers Teo Chee Hean and Teo Ser Luck flagged off the main groups one at a time, from 7.30am. We were at the startline by 7.15am, after a series of briefings by Marshal Manager, Mike Kang. Wished our friends and run kakis from SAFRA MF, MR25, i-RUN, SgRunners good luck before waving and cheering off the runners at the start.

Beverly and I did the 5km fun run marshaling, which was started off at 8am. At the startline, I spoke with a few families and runners, and spotted Max who was there to do a personal time trial. Many of the fun runners were weekend joggers and walkers, and they really made time to participate in this non-competitive part of the event...*kudos* to their spirit. It was fun just running up and down, cheering them on, and telling them the distances they had covered. It was great to meet some old friends from the running scene, and without recalling names now, I will be contacting them shortly to touch base.

It was action at the finish line where members of the Team Fatbird and frenz were there to cheer and take photos of the pacers and some of the runners finishing. FatBirds Terry,YN, Spencer together with Mashie, kopibaby had some interesting encounters and photo-shots with the Ministers and were excited about the whole episode.....waiting for them to add on to the FatBird Photo Gallery. Mike Kang thanked all the helpers and invited the officials to have lunch with him....much appreciated, but we have had lunch arranged and couldn't join time bah!

Welcome home...a job well done! courtesy, tekko

As we were walking home, the last runner came back with a large group of marshals, led by Kayano and Sleek was just ahead with another group to cheer him on. A great way to finish off and complete the entire race. FatBirds and frenz went for some nice vegetarian food, whilst Bev and I headed back to have turtle soup with the family. Overall, a nice and fruitful Sunday spent. Look forward to helping out at such running-related community events in the future.

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