Saturday, March 07, 2009

Night Hawk #1 - Showers Of Blessings

Blurry-eyed group photo in the early morning :)

In spite of the twin events of the Sing Biathlon and the Youth Tryathlon, coupled with the onset of heavy rain, about 40 runners still managed to make it to ECP CarPark B1 for the Operations NightHawk session #1. It was dry when we arrived at 7am, although dark clouds were looming in the horizon. Quite a number of new runners turned up, which was a pleasant surprise....and they had found out about Ops NightHawk via friends and other online resources. The new runners were amused with Terry marking their attendances, but I explained it was all for a good we can work out some special benefits for the regular participants of this training program.

The Sundown Marathon 2009 Route

Because of the closure of F2, which would prohibit a smooth passage for our group towards Changi Coastal Road, we took the opportunity to do part of the Sundown Route (See the Blue portion in the map above). 3 groups targeting to do 10km, 17km and 23km respectively started off at 7.15am, after some group photos. It was FatTrim Zone pace for us this morning, and I was happy to start with an initial HR of about 125, averaging 7min/km. Great to see many new faces and regulars alike...chatted about preparations for Sundown, and how we should build a firm base, and watch for hydration and re-fueling requirements.

Briefing before run

About 5km into the run, heavy showers descended upon the group. The 10km runners turned back, while the rest of us proceeded on in the rain. It had been a long while since I last ran in the rain. Because of the group of enthusiatic runners who were raring to continue, and that there weren't any threat of lightning, we continued on. The rain lightened near the Bedok Park connector area, where we tackled some undulating terrain. As we entered Bedok Park, stardust and the rest of the front group were running back. YN, Matthew and the rest were just a little back. DO and the final group was coming from the main shelter when Ming, Anthony and myself approached. I explained to some of them that that was the support point for last year's Sundown Marathon, where there were BBQ and hot kopi-O being served to weary participants...haha.

As we returned back to ECP, the rain had stopped. I maintained a steady HR of about 135 all the way to ECP, before turning off to the Cable Ski area. Saw Suan and Beng coming back, and I continued on with Ming to join the rest to run towards B1, where I moved up a little to run with DO and Simon. It was 21km when we reached B1, and the bulk of the group had finished their run and enjoying the delicious Sng Pao and 100Plus. The 3 of us continued on to Fort Road and back for an additional 2km for a final 23km in 2.5hrs.

Back for the reward of Sng Pao, 100-Plus and bananas

Everyone had a good run, and all were happy with the workouts. There were lots of enquiries about HR training, formthortics, hydration and other aspects of marathon training. I was rewarded with a very delicious Sng Pao, thanks to YN and her Sng Pao team. Lots more chats with Rose's group about GPS and distance tracking, before washing up and having lunch at Old Airport Road with Team FatBird and friends. A good start for Operatins NightHawk, and we will be expecting more to turn up for the Friday 13th Night Run on Mar13.

Distance: 23km__Time: 2hr30min__Average HR: 128bps

Photo Slideshow by FatBird Terry

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