Sunday, June 14, 2009

MR25 X-Country Marathon 2009

The crowd this year at the MR25 X-Country Marathon was larger than those in previous years. Team FatBird members and friends were there to compete as well as support the runners. Below are the memories captured by the Team FatBird photographers.

Photos by Max, 14 June 2009

Photos by Keonz

Photos by Spencer

It was a great outing for all, and we were heartened to know that these runners who have been so much a part of Team FatBird have come back strongly with solid victories. Team FatBird is so proud of them, and would like to congratulate all of them for courageously completing the challenging MR25 X-Country Marathon...special mention to Henry Yang, Eileen Yap and Darren Goh for finishing in the posdium standings. Of course, the Team FatBird support crew (FatBirds Spencer, YN, Jane, Max, Keonz, DO, Charmane, cfred, Samantha, June) did a tremendous job of providing food, drinks, photos, encouragement support to the participants....they did an outstanding job....3 Cheers for them!

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