Thursday, July 08, 2010

Team FatBird Runners Celebrations

It was an evening of revelry and celebrations, of proud and satisfying moments depicted in the video montage, presentations of Certificates Of Achievements and awards to the NightHawk trainees, filled with fun and laughter from the games, topped with great food and company.

A message from Team FatBird (Ops NightHawk Training):

Congratulations to all NightHawks for a job well done at the Sundown Marathon.
Many of us have achieved the goals we set out for ourselves at the beginning of 2010.

Operation NightHawk was a follow-on from the inaugural NightHawk Program we did last year.
This NightHawk program had a few firsts, chiefly a very structured 12-week FlightZONES system; comprising of heart-rate training, running form and posture mechanics, conditioning LSDs in the night and wee hours of the morning, along with nutrition and hydration tips,
dispensed and delivered by a dedicated training team of coach, trainers and running guides.

We were heartened to see many new runners progress from 10km through to completing their first night marathon with very respectable performances at the Sundown, many of you scoring PBs for all the distances, and even go up for a Podium finish. We would like to congratulate the NightHawks on your perseverance, determination and the willingness to put what you have learned into practice, culminating in those outstanding performances at the Sundown. Some of you have even gone on to score PBs and break new records at International marathons like Phuket, KL, Gold Coast. Give yourselves a pat on the backs, and a big round of applause.

We would also like to congratulate and celebrate the successes of the Running Guides & Training Crew, who have gone through this 12-week intensive training program, pace training alongside the NightHawk trainees. The Training Crew, comprising of FatBird Pacers and Sunbird trainees, did a stellar job of bringing the NightHawks to their goal finishes.

We also took the opportunity to thank:
- our training partner Mileage – The Long Run Solution, Coach Lim Kien Mau,
- Key Power International for their generous support for compression wear,
- The Playground @ Big Splash for providing the training venue at The FatBird’s Nest,
for proving support and encouragement to make Operation NightHawk 2010 a tremendous success.

It is heartening to see that through the course of the 12-week training, many of the trainees have become friends, running kakis and have established close bonds of cooperation and friendships that have taken a few groups to participate in races, even overseas ones, together.
The training crew and trainees have come together to organize the evening’s celebrations event, and we would like to acknowledge their efforts in making this happen.

Sundown Has Cometh, The NightHawks Have Emerged!

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