Sunday, August 21, 2011

Minimalist Running: Training Plans & Guides

With the growing interest in barefoot running and minimalist running shoes like New Balance Minimus range, Vibram Five Fingers, Merrell, Terra-Plana and the likes, many runners are embracing minimalist running footwear in the hopes of enjoying more injury-free running years.

The minimalist shoe manufacturers are beginning to adopt more active approaches in educating runners on the proper use of minimalist shoes, including ways in which they should be progressively adapted for us who have been used to conventional running shoes for so long. A few leading vendors in the minimalist area like Vibram are going one step further by releasing step-by-step guides accompanied with training plans for minimalist running.

This bodes well for the future of minimalist running as more runners can learn to use the shoes in proper fashion to enhance their running forms which eventually will ease off the running-related injuries.

I look forward to more training guides and information from the major minimalist shoe manufacturers which will serve to benefit the whole barefoot and minimalist running community.

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