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2XU Compression Run 2012

 2XU Compression Run Finisher Medal: Photo Credit, Michael Quek

Facebook Photos from AC Leong, Min, Running Shots, Steven Tan

The 2XU Compression Run promised a nice route, with a convenient start point just outside of the Nicholl Highway MRT.  After looking at the surrounding carpark availability, I decided to take the first train (MRT) from my place down to the start point, knowing that I would be quite close to the starting time.  The train ride., packed mostly with 2XU participants, turned out to be rather smooth.  It was only when we alighted at Nicholl Highway that an incident happened – some of the 2XU runners didn’t have time to get out of the train before the doors automatically shut, and the driverless train moved off…just hope that it didn't turn out too bad for the runners.

At The Start Line: Photo Credit, Running Shots

FatBird Runners looking happy

With Newton Running Club @ Start Point: Photo Credit, Soo Kok Meng, Steven Tan

I arrived to the start line at 7:45pm, after bumping into Berno, Kyle, Tejinda, Emily and Clara, and inched my way slowly to the front where the stage was.  Bumped into the energetic bunch of runners from Newton Running Club and we had a good time taking photos while waiting for flagoff.  With a light delay of 10min, we finally started and headed straight towards Suntec City.  

Met many familiar faces like David Shum, Tay, Gary, etc who were going at 4:15min pace.  I decided to pull back to 4:30min just so as not be drawn into overworking myself too early.  The roads were pretty wide for this crowd and we had good access for most of the way.  There were the usual runners whom we always see at races, and some would be snapping photos along the way.  It is always fun to do a race without too much pressure of getting any PBs….I kept telling myself to slow down to a more comfortable pace.
Striding well with Brooks PURE Connect shoes and 2XU compression socks

I settled down from 5km onwards, and started to enjoy the scenery and also to clap for those returning fast runners.  The sun was creeping up, and the heat could be felt, causing beads of perspiration flowing from my eyes, causing irritation no less.  There was scant relief when we turned back, and by 10km, the pace was slowing.  As we entered the Kallang Riverside, some of the earlier front runners were slowing even more than me, as I overtook a few of them.  

Otherwise, we were just happy to maintain about 4:45min pace to the finish.  The distance markers were very clear and pretty accurate, making the countdown that much easier.  The water points, stocked with Pocari was well managed with well-briefed volunteers handing out drinks, making it easy for us to grab, drink and still continue on.  There wasn’t much stoppage at the water stations then, with most of the runners moving on rather smooth.

 Min & Helen, after fulfilling her Pacer duty

With 2km to go, we could see the 10km runners merging in, but they were separated into a broader channel, leaving the 15km runners to run on the right side – very well thought out merge-control (SCMS can take a closer look at such organization).  With 1km to go, we picked up the speed slightly and coasted home feeling rather comfortable – there was no rush and everyone just took their time for a nice photo-finish.  I completed in about 70min, which was not too bad a time for the 15km distance, something which I do once every 1-2years :D Chatted with Robert at the finish chute, and congratulated him for a good race, before catching up with my sports science lecturers (who were also participating).  I then crossed over to go straight back into the MRT, shared the journey with Jacq, and reached home well within my appointment time.  

FatBird Runners basking in the post 2XU race experience

It was a very smooth race for me overall, and I enjoyed the whole experience thoroughly.  The first race experience with the Brooks PURE Connect shoes passed with flying colours.  The matching (with the running vest lah) 2XU Compression socks helped lots to delay the onset of lactate buildup, esp. in the faster initial km.  The finisher medal is nice and feels sufficiently solid, representative of the hard effort we put into the race.  I hope my fellow FatBird colleagues and friends too enjoyed the whole experience.  I will look forward to doing this race again next year, which by then could have a 21km category?  

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