Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Korean Marathon Food

Choco Pies In Singapore

I recently made an interesting discovery at the grocery store near home. It immediately brought back memories of the ChunCheon Marathon 2008 where I first experienced the Choco Pie at the mid point of the race. It was a staple marathon food handed out at Korean Marathons, and I found them to be most palatable and smooth. The chocolate outer with jelly inner made for good marathon refuel, and is quite easy to eat on the run.

They were handed out the following Sunday at the Joongang Seoul Marathon, in which I took part as well. After the races, I brought quite a number of boxes back to Singapore. It is timely that they are now available locally...a good opportunity to try them out and see if they are suitable for the Singapore Marathon as well. Now, I better buy a few boxes to keep :)

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At 4:35 PM, Blogger Fuzzy said...

no need to stock up, there's a Korean supermarket in Square 2 (next to novena sq). I think i have seen this in the shop b4.


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