Monday, November 29, 2010

LOSE2WIN @ i-Run

LOSE 2 WIN is into its second year, and once again, they made a trip to the i-Run at River Promenade, where Team FatBird manages the HPB-organized run. We are into the third year of i-Run, and has seen it grow from a 40-runner group to one which averages 200 runners every Tuesday & Thursday evening, with the record attendance of 308 i-Runners set in October 2010.

What is i-Run?
i-Run is an initiative of the Health Promotion Board to help participants set and meet their short, mid and long-term goals through running.

It provides regular running sessions to improve participants' physical fitness as well as running clinics to impart relevant knowledge on running techniques and prevention of running injuries.

It encourages working adults to work towards incorporating running and physical activity as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

Who is i-Run for?
i-Run is for working adults (both males and females) aged 20 -- 50 years old. All running enthusiasts are also welcome!

For more Information?
HPB's i-Run site
FatBird Runs

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