Friday, January 07, 2011

Ride Impressions | NB 1190

I kick started this year of running with a test-drive of a yet-to-be-available NB1190. Having the latest RevLite material built into its soles, this range of shoes promises a lighter, quicker, and smoother ride.

As my MR905 reaches the end of its useful running life with the number of long runs and marathons she has accompanied me, the MR1190 will come in as a timely successor and upgrade to the well-tested and immensely popular MR905. I had initially planned to take the shoes for a short test-drive to break-in as well and feel the various aspects of the ride, but ended with a longer journey due to the fun I had with it.

First impressions was that the NB1190 is more cushy than its predecessor. The mid-foot cushion felt ample, and transitions to various parts of the under-feet were smooth without any fuss. The shoe wrapped around my feet snugly, and the plush upper made me feel comfortable having them on. Even after about 3km, I could not feel much heat generated from the shoes. I was coasting and enjoying the ride.

, the new midsole built into the NB1190 could be responsible for the cushy, but responsive ride. It is formed from lighter-weight foam that enhances the feel and durability, is supposed to be very light and provides a responsive feel. In fact, the shoes felt so good that I decided to go on for additional distance and ended up completing a 8km run.

Check out the video for models based on the RevLite midsole foam, which will be coming in the second half of 2011. Although it is still early to be conclusive after a maiden short ride, I am of the opinion that this range of RevLite trainers and racers from the NBx stable will do very well, what with the attractive design and colours available. I look forward to trying out the 890 neutral trainer and RC1400 racing flats when they become available :)

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