Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Let us Slide, Glide and enjoy the Ride.

Let us Slide, Glide and enjoy the Ride.

It was a fitting finale to the 4-session LunarGlide+ Training Runs on Sunday Morning. Alvin & Sacha from Nike, Ben Pulham from Racers Toolbox, Team FatBird Pacers along with Coach Gana's team got together to organize and lead more than 60 runners for the 5km run in the latest Nike cushioned trainers, the LunarGlide+. After having gone to Bedok Reservoir and the Asian Civilizations Museum for the earlier 3 sessions, we were happy to be back to The PlayGround @ Big Splash.

LunarGliders all set for the Slide & Glide

It was good to meet with familiar faces, as well as a number of new runners. There seem to be many more who have yet to try out the LunarGlide+ and experience its cushioned properties and dynamic support system. Team FatBird was out in full force to pace the runners for the 5km run toward Burger King and back. There were ample shoes for all to try, and the feedback from the runners have been good for all the four shoe trials sessions, as evident in the reports of good sales figures of the Glides+ coming from the retail outlets.

Gliding with the Pacers

After a good round of stretching and generous prizes given out, the runners were chatting with the coaches and pacers about the upcoming Human Race as well as using the LunarGlide+ for half-marathon and full marathon running. A number of the runners have signed up for the year end SCSM09 and were planning to use the LunarGlide+ for training and racing. With dark clouds looming, the organizers quickly packed up, and as the runners and trailers bid farewell, the pacers assembled at the nearby HK Tim Sum Cafe for some very good carrot cake, ‘Wu Kok’, Porridge-Noodle set, and other tim sum delicacies.

Team FatBird LunarGlide+ Pacers

As we discussed about Team FatBird’s upcoming Pacer and Marathon Training Programs, the skies opened up. We felt cozy inside that restaurant, and as we sipped on our coffee and tea, there was a certain sense of satisfaction with the smooth completion of yet another Team FatBird pacing project. There was also anticipation of more training and projects that lie ahead as we prepare for more training sessions for The NorthFace100 Trail, The Human Race, and the mother of all marathons, The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) 09.


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At 4:37 PM, Blogger Fuzzy said...

Hey Anthony, are the LunarGlide+ shoes comfortable and good to run in ? i have been eye-ing them for a while. :-) (Adrian C.)

At 12:31 AM, Blogger The DreamRunner said...


the LunarGlide+ sre definitely cushy and light on the run. Team FatBird has done a team review of the shoes, to be found here -> http://teamfatbird.blogspot.com/2009/07/nike-lunarglide-team-fatbird-review.html.

Take them for a test-drive at the next LunarGlide+ trials during the Nike Wed runs or the Human Race Training Runs :)


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