Friday, March 25, 2011

RT1100 Eye Candy

The recent Race Trainer model 1100 from New Balance not only looks better, it runs much better too :) When I first put it on, the D width was a tad narrow for my normal 9.5 size, which resulted in me getting a half size larger. I could already feel the plush mid-foot cushion when trying out on the treadmill at the NB shop.

I had to give the black/pink colour version a go since I don't really have such a combination in my running shoe cabinet. During my 13km test-drive around the neighborhood, I felt that there were a number of runners looking at my feet....must be those striking colours lah; don't think they are admiring my running gait...haha.

I did my usual test routine and found them comfortable for me as a neutral runner, with better response than the previous RT model. Averaging 5:10-5:20min/km for most of the way, I did not feel much heat generated. The RT1100 are light and I felt good running in them. Although it was only an initial short run, I could feel its potential for at least a good full marathon...the only slight nag was this little pinch on my last toe, although there was no real pain arising. Overall, a cushy, comfy, commendable race trainer coming from NB Japan.

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