Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Minimalistic Newton

The MV2 is Newton Running's answer to the minimalist wave that is currently gaining momentum in the running world. It did take quite a while for it be to ready in spite of a much earlier preview than some of the other minimalist brands. But well, it may be a case of 'Good Things Must Wait' for this shoe company which prides itself in promoting the science of motion and mid-foot running with the land-lever-lift methodology.

Having had good experiences with the Newton Distance Racer and Gravity Trainer, I was just waiting patiently for the MV2 baby. Although the first colour isn't that great (Newton promises more colorful MV2 options soon), I was still happy to bring this 6ounce zero heel-toe differential shoe with the less pronounced lugs (5 now instead of 4) for a test ride.

Since it is still pretty much a running shoe, although minimalist, I had no problems with getting acquainted. The MV2 does make it easier to walk with compared with the usual Newton shoes, likely due to the lowered heel balancing off the pronounced lugs. The upper is thin and translucent to the extent we can see the colour of the socks and feet inside ..haha. The good breath-ability and drainage properties that is synonymous with the Newton family is carried a notch further. The heel counter feels softer and wraps around well to give a very comfortable fit.

With the smaller fitting of the MV2, I did have to go up 1 size from my usual US9.5 fit, but once on, it felt snug and comfy. Although I have tried it twice for just 8km, I would imagine that the MV2 can bring me comfortably fast for at least a Half-Marathon, just like what my other racing shoes would do.

I have been asked if it can carry through for a Full Marathon - still too early to say till I have the opportunity to bring it for long runs. If this baby retains the durability and reliability that the Newtons are known for, I can see a potential winner in the MV2.

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