Friday, May 19, 2006

Climbathon Time Trial: 10 sets of Labrador Slopes

We had the first Time Trial of the Labrador Loop on Thursday evening. The plan was to run 10 sets of the 1.2km loop going up the tunnel slopes from the Park side, then pass Olive Restaurant, down the Carpark area and the main road leading back to Labrador Park. David and I did a 3km warm up jog from MF ClubHouse to meet up with the team at Labrador Park. When Hamidah arrived with Yulan and Roland, we were able to start off at about 7.15pm.

I had placed a bottle of Gatorade at the start of the loop, for refuelling. I took the first 3 sets on a easy pace, choosing to go up the slopes slowly, and taking care when going downslopes. I averaged about 8min per loop, most of the time keeping in sight the front people of David, Xavier and Yu Sheng. I took my first drink at the finish of the 3rd set. The 4-6 sets had me overtaking Xavier, YS..and still trailing David. I saw Yulan around then, as David was maintaining pace. Henry, Roland, Ronnie were behind me. Sim over-lapped me near the end of the 6th, he sure is a speed demon. I took another drink of the placed Gatorade at the end of the 6th loop. My heart-rate was about 160bpm+ at the top of the slopes, and averaged 150bpm as I ran on the flatter road....not really pushing that hard, but could feel the tiredness in my legs as I tackle the steeper parts of the slopes.

Mida was ticking off the loops as we passed the start point. In the 7-8 sets, I was running closely behind David and Yulan. I could see both of them exchanging leads, with david overtaking Yulan on the upslopes, while Yulan regained back the lead on the downslopes. Yulan has grown a lot stronger since she started the Climbathon training. I think her run times now will be a lot better. I finally overtook Yulan on the 8th upslope, and continued on with just running an easy pace to trail David. I finished my remaining Gatorade after the 8th set, and ramped up speed a little for the final 2 sets. At the final 400m, DO and I were running together and we made a dash to the finish line. Finished quite strong in 1hr19min, just a whisker below 1hr20min.

There was a large group of Climbathon organizers by the time we finished. Hamidah, Wilna, Carmen were there. I downed a full bottle of Gatorade. Sim and Timothy had finished their sets, and just left the place. We continued to cheer those finishing, Yulan, Xavier, Henry, Yee Sheng, Roland, Rodney as they came in. DO and I make a early move at about 8:45pm to run back 3km more to the ClubHouse. I ran an estimated 3km warm-up, 12km Time Trial, 3Km recovery for a total 18km. We later joined cm and the SAFRA runners who had finished their 12km run much earlier for dinner.

Distance Ran: 18km ___Time:1hr50min est.___Pace:6:3omin/km est.
Average HR:150bpm____Max HR:N/A____KCal:1,200KCal est.

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