Sunday, September 20, 2009

MF Visit

Woke up to the sound of the house alarm...yikes, that person again....hmpftt. Couldn't get back to sleep and decided to get down to SAFRA MF to visit friends and running kakis whom I have not seen for a bit. When I reached the ClubHouse at 7.15am, I was surprised by the rather large group...must be gearing up for SCSM09 :) Before I could park my car properly, the group ran off. I dashed into the gents, before running after them, heading towards the direction of Harbourfront...haha

Caught up with Jaime and Eng Hwa, who were surprised to see me. Had a quick chat about recent training runs, before proceeding on. I had on another pair of new cushioned trainers.....this pair was light, and pretty responsive too. My legs felt springy in spite of the 26km I did at ECP yesterday. Michael, Siew Lee were running steady as I exchanged some words with them. Lai Chee heard my voice, as I ran up to enquire about her recent conquests. She is now a Adidas sponsored athlete...happy for her. Henry enquired about Ops Sunbird as well as the i-RUN @ RP, and was interested to ask his wifey to join some of the weekday runs to help her for SCSM 21km.

As we proceeded toward the Railway area, I chatted with a new MF Runner, at least new to me. He mentioned he was trying to change to a mid-foot strike, and had recently bought a pair of Newton Trainers. We ran along all the way to Esplanade, which was the 7.5km mark, before I turned off to the toilets. They all went towards the Flyer and will proceed to ECP. On the way back, I bumped into Michael, Siew Lee and Henry's group....bade them adios, before trotting off at an average 6min/km pace. The returning 7.5km was a nice solitary ride for me, as I tried to get further feedback from the shoes. The legs were still feeling comfy, and the response continued to be good.

I finished the 15km back at ClubHouse, feeling rather satisfied. I was already planning to ask TFB plan more recovery Sundays at SAFRA MF, which offers a different terrain and scenery, useful for a more balanced running program. Had a nice cuppa Yin-Yang C at Ya Kun, watching the people go by, waiting for the runners' return. Sensing that they were going to take at least another hour, I decided to come back another day to do more catching up....a nice Sunday morning at my previous training ground, Mt. Faber.....those hills are a-calling...haha.

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