Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pacers Training Session #3: The Downpour

The Team FatBird Marathon Pacer training, started 3 weeks ago, was to do 26km this morning. I didn't sleep well the night before, and woke up feeling lethargic. I decided to try the new shoes to see if they would be suitable for marathon training and racing. A few new Pacers and first-timers showed up this morning.....good to finally meet them face-face. Helen shared a little of her recent podium stories, the lighter moments providing a brightening start to what was a chilly, cloudy morning.

I ran along with various pace groups, chatting and feeling their comfort levels. Many of them were enthusiastic about their pacing roles, and were looking forward to more interesting activities ahead. We shared some of our previous marathon experiences, and how pacing would be so different from racing. I took a walk break at the 13km mid-point along Changi Coastal Road, before joining Bev, zco, Hoph and suan for a relaxing 6:50min/km pace.....this was the 5hr pace group and runners.

The new shoes provided ample cushion, although I would like even more responsiveness. It was light on the run, and landing on the sweet-spots were quite easy. TW and Beng were running side-side, enjoying one another's steady pace. I moved up to run alone and to try to feel the shoes and do some body-sensing. Although it was cloudy, with strong, chilly winds, I was feeling exceptionally thirsty....had to visit the toilet 2-3 times, on top of consuming my Gatorade mix.

I spotted Hoph in the final 1km. I ran behind him a little. Dark clouds were looming in the horizon. Then, it really poured. We were totally drenched, as we up the pace to head to the FatBird Nest. Some of the earlier finishers had already gone to wash-up or home. We were fortunate to be under the warm shelter of the Nest, although a hot drink to calm the chattering teeth would have been perfect...hehe.

Lots of chits-chats, coupled with mini group discussions continued till the rain abated, and then finally stopped. The sun came up again, as we cleaned up and cleared off from the Nest. Another good Pacer Training completed...Follow Our Pace, Win Your Race!

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