Thursday, March 31, 2011

Records tumble at The Sundown Roadshow

5km Run With Sundown Ambassadors
Photo Credit Official Sundown Photographer

The Sundown Marathon Roadshow from 30-31 March 2011 saw a few records being broken - The Sundown Marathon and Ultra Marathon once again celebrates being Singapore’s biggest night race with the exclusive preview of the New Balance 890s at the Roadshow.

Additional slots for the 10km and 21km category of Sundown Marathon were specially released after registrations were closed much earlier. Those were quickly snapped up, along with the 42km and 100km slots during the road show as queues formed on Raffles Green. This brings Sundown Marathon and Ultra-Marathon’s participation to all time high of nearly 27,000 runners.

Photo Credit Official Sundown Photographer

Team FatBird, who have been tasked to assemble and train the Sundown Pacers/Ambassadors were on location to take nearly 80 runners from the public on a scenic 5km run along the riverside and Marina Bay Sands vicinity. It was also the first time that the Sundown Ambassadors were presented to the media as well as runners, and the run offered a good opportunity for pacers and pacees to run along and get to know one another better, as well as receive tips on how to prepare for the eventual night race.

There were many friends and supporters who did not managed to register (because they were full within one night of opening), but did pop over anyway to show their support and to soak in the Sundown atmosphere. The weather was nice as we the group ran from light to dusk, emerging from the substation to the Raffles Green to a fitting end to what can only be the start of a great Sundown Marathon in the making.

5km Sundown Ambassador Run @ Roadshow
FatBird Photo Slideshow

The New Balance 890, the latest neutral cushioning trainers from New Balance Singapore were trialed and showcased during the run, with quite a number of good responses with regards to the cushioning, the 'springy' feeling due to the energy-return properties, as well as a more 'snug' and soft feel of the whole wear experience. The 5km runners were amply rewarded with isotonic drinks, bananas and an Sundown 2011 event tee-shirt post-run.

Along the way, there were a number of participants who were keen to do some serious marathon training to prepare early such that they will enjoy a good race on May 28. Operations Manager Alan Choong, 42, a virgin marathoner at Sundown 2011 chirped, “I came here to meet more friends who share the same interest so that I can run with some of them on race day. The run today was very enjoyable and I would love to join more of such runs in future.”

Official Sundown Marathon Photos

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