Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Form: From Heel to Forefoot Strike

Found a nice video which illustrates a smooth transition from heel-striking to forefoot running, for more efficient and injury-free running.

The interesting point of pulling the heel higher (or leading with the knees as in ChiRunning) is to encourage landing on a bent knee. When heel striking, the knees tend to be straight and getting the impact upon landing, whilst a bent knee allows the knee to work as a more efficient shock absorber.

Minimalist footwear also play an important part in this journey to help the runner adopt a more natural way of running (on the forefoot), before progressing on to be able to do it with normal shoes, once the skill is learnt :)

Run Right, Run Safe!

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At 12:29 PM, Blogger Toothpaste Runner said...

It seems like once we aquire mid foot running, 'less is more" for shoes. Cos a thinner sole grip the group better than thick ones. And "cushioning" is something of least important.


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