Thursday, October 08, 2009

Human Racers @ Training

There was a hive of running activity at The Playground on Sunday morning for the Nike Human Race Training run. Many were the regular 'Nike Runners' who have followed Nike Runs for a bit, but there were some new ones too. The Human Race promo boards came, which added a touch of colour and sense of the upcoming race on Oct24.

Team FatBird were present to lead the runners for the 7km run, along with Coaches Ben Pulham and Gana and their teams dispensing advice and running tips to the runners. LunarGlide+ shoes and Nike+ Sportband were on trials yet again, continuing to garner favourable feedback and appreciation for the opportunity to test-drive the latest Nike Running products. I had a good time catching up with the runners who were waiting for warm-up, and also chats with Sunbirds who there for their recovery runs.

Ming from Nike opened with a good round of introductions of Ben and Racers' Toolbox, Gana's Team, and The Team FatBird Pacer. He went on to share his recent Hood-To-Coast adventure, which was surely inspiring to those who are into long, endurance running and relays. That was followed by Ben, along with Team FatBird, leading a good round of dynamic warm-up. The photographers were busy snapping away at the runners doing the various stances.

The 7km run was started off with the group's pace well controlled, and having them run along ECP in a bunch always bring attraction and attention to the Nike Runners. With their bibs, these runners seemed like they are in some kind of a race, but yet running steadily without any rush. Lots of sharing happen in such group runs, with the runners learning from the running coaches and pacers, interjected with regular shouts and claps of encouragement by the folks from Nike, Racers' Toolbox and Team FatBird.

200m from the finish became the point for the runners to get into 'form' for that fluid running posture, almost poetry in motion, 2-3 in mini-groups, running 'tall', looking focused, all poised for that 'photo and video' moment by the professional cameramen. It was good fun to pace to the final 50m, and then making a 'strong' finish with arms driving, legs striding to the finish....ahhh, a job well done!

After a heave of satisfaction from the workout, replenishing with bananas, apples and isotonic drinks, it was that time to get down to the 'signature' cool-down conducted by Coach Pulham, followed by of course the presention of The Beaver Award and Training Prizes. The final installment of the Human Race Training Run will be next Sunday at the Asian Civilization Museum, and till then, let us have more Human Racing :)

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