Thursday, November 25, 2004

Mizuno Wave Run 2004

Dear Team & Running Enthusiasts,

It was a great Sunday morning at Kovan Hub (Hougang Street 21). I was there at about 6.30am, preparing for my 1st 10km competitive run at the Mizuno Wave Run 2004. There must be about 5,000 participants, many from nearby countries too. It was fun, and I bumped into quite a number of friends whom I have not seen for quite some time.

I completed the race in 51min flat, despite being stopped twice at traffic junctions, as well as a large bus which blocked my way to the finish. Not too bad considering that this is the first 10km race I have done in my entire life. I am sure I can only progress from here.

I was alone there this time, since this was a preparatory run for the Standard Chartedred Marathon (10KM) on Dec5. I just want to share some of the photos whom the official photographers have captured (sportsphotox - they are at every major sports event, and will capture photos of all race participants).

Photo Album

Distance Ran:10km_____Time:51min_____Pace:5:10min/km

Warm Regards,

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Running As a Hobby/Exercise/Weight Maintenance

Dear Dream Runners,

If you are considering running as a serious but fun and fruitful hobby and/or exercise regime, I suggest you look into the following:
- Regular running schedule and plans (Treadmill and road run schedules)
- Get proper gear (esp. good pair of running shoes $90 upwards)
- Sign up for FREE online tracking and logging of your mileage eg.
- Join a running club to learn and share experience (and also to get to run at different routes) - SAFRA Running Club is a good one, Others like MacRitchie Runners 25, etc
- Take proper sports nutrition (eg. Pro-Argin9 from Synergy, Low-Oz from Unicity, etc)
- Learn more from running websites,,
- Start a weblog (BLOG) of your running escapades, or share in some of the local running blogs eg.,, etc

I find that running is a GREAT, LOW-COST, LOW-MAINTENANCE sport which actually gives the best $ and time Value for Weight Management & Body Toning, and general health maintenance. Also a good sport if you want loads of eye-candy.

I am looking to have running kakis, who can also run off-road in some of the scenic trails at Bukit Timah & MacRitchie, Pierce, etc. Overseas runs are also a good possibility if we really find continued fun in this 'SPORT'.

PS: Once you gained the fitness and flex from running, rock-climbing, adventure sports will be much easier for most of us.

Anthony Sum

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