Sunday, January 23, 2005

FengShan Mile 2005

I was the lucky first-prize winner of the lucky draw at the FengShan Mile in Jan 2005. I walked away with an Endigo wireless Bluetooth MP3 player.

My wife, kids and Adrian also participated in the fun mile run. I did a PB of 6:45min for the mile run.

Overall, we had good fun, and walked away with about $300+ of prizes.

For more pectacular photos of that day, do go to the photo album (View FengShan Mile - Jan2005).

Distance Ran:1.6km_____Time:6m45s_____Pace: 4:13min/km

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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Swift-AGT 10km Northern Route Challenge

With The Wife

Swift-AGT 10km X-Country run at MacRitchie. Returned with a PB of 52min for X-Country.

Distance Ran:10km_____Time:52min_____Pace:5:12min/km

Photo Album

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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Anthony's Race Calendar 2005

My planned Race Calendar for 2005 so far. Quite evenly spaced out for me to be able to train/participate in them. 1 or 2 more races might be inserted, when the opportunity arises.
  1. Jan05 - AGT-Swift Northern Challenge - 10km X-Country [Completed in 52min]
  2. Jan22 - Lonely Runner Tsunami Run (40km) [Completed in 5.5hrs]
  3. Jan23 - The FengShan Mile [Completed in 6m45s]
  4. Feb05 - MR25 5km Time Trials [Completed in 23m26s]
  5. Feb22 - NTU Vertical Marathon [Skipped]
  6. Mar05 - KL Marathon - 21km
  7. Jun05 - Ipoh or Penang Marathon (42km)
  8. <>
  9. Sep05 - Army 1/2 Marathon & Sheares Bridge Run - 1/2 Marathon(21km)
  10. Sep18 - Terry Fox Run (42km)
  11. Oct05 - 2nd Link Bridge Run - 10km Road Race
  12. Dec04 - Singapore Marathon - Full Marathon(42km)

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