Tuesday, September 30, 2008

FatBird Pacers Shoe Trials

Team Chit-Chat

Briefing of the technology behind the shoes

All Geared Up, Ready To Go!

A satisfying experience :)

Photo Slideshow from FatBird Esther's cam

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

FatBird Pacers Training Session #5

The growing FatBird Marathon Pacers team gathered for the 5th session of the Marathon Training Program, starting from Changi Beach Park. There were a number of new Pacers joining us for the first time, and it is also the first time for many to try what we often termed the 'Demoralizing Route'...hehe.


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Friday, September 26, 2008

Party At My Pace :)

Just received my Oct08 RunnersWorld Magazine, and saw an article on Marathon Pacers....hmm, very timely indeed...it shows the Pacer culture and activities in internationally recognized races, something the local running community can learn from....here it is->

RunnersWorld Oct 08 Feature


Marathons are never easy, but pace groups make them less hard and more fun. Want proof? Follow along.

By John Hanc

Photograph by Ryan Donnell

PUBLISHED 09/10/2008, RunnersWorld Magazine

The tall, thin man with the salt-and-pepper beard hesitated before he stepped through a crush of runners and elbowed his way to a table at the Philadelphia Marathon Expo. "What," he shouted over the din, "what is this?" Seated behind the table, I launched into a prepared 60-second speech. "This is the Clif Bar Pace Team," I said. "You can take one of these and use it to pace yourself." I gestured to the thin paper wrist bracelets, each printed with mile splits adding up to a 26.2 goal time; the bracelets were organized by predicted finishes from three hours, 10 minutes to five hours, 30 minutes.

"Or you can run with one of our pace-group leaders."

"How much does it cost?"

"Nothing," I said.

"You mean I can run with my own pacer...for free?"

"Well, there'll be other runners with you. But you don't have to worry about your mile splits. Just stay with us, and we'll get you across the finish line in the time you want."

He raised his eyebrows.

"No, really," I said, abandoning the script. "These people are good. They'll get you the time, or no more than two minutes faster."

He snatched up a four-hour bracelet and smiled. "I haven't run a marathon in 20 years," he said. "I wish you guys had been around then."

Indeed, 20 years ago, the only runners with pacesetters were elites who had paid "rabbits" to help them hit splits on their way to fast, incentive-pay-laden times. Today, however, pace groups have become as integral to the modern marathon experience as timing chips, gel stations, and postrace space blankets. If you've run a marathon--or even a large half-marathon--in the last five years, chances are you've seen them: troops of runners clustered around a leader carrying balloons or a banner emblazoned with a goal finish time. When marathons offer pace groups, an estimated 30 percent of the field chooses to run with one (the 4:00 pace group attracts the largest crowds). "Our runners expect it," says Virginia Brophy Achman, executive director for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon.

Sometimes the pace groups are led by volunteers from local running clubs; sometimes they're outfitted and organized by major sponsors. Nike, for example, will sponsor the groups at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 12, where approximately 100 pacers will lead 20 groups, with projected finish times from three hours to 5:45. (Chicago employs multiple leaders per team, in case of injury or illness.) Part cheerleader, part psychiatrist, a pacer spends many hours during the race encouraging, cajoling, and reassuring scores and sometimes hundreds of relative strangers to their dream finish line.

The pace group booth is one of the most popular at prerace expos, and not only because people want to sign up or get a bracelet with the splits. In Philadelphia last November, a distraught woman with frizzy hair and frazzled, bloodshot eyes poured her running heart out to the Clif Bar Pace Team's founder and cocaptain Darris Blackford. "I did my last long run three weeks ago. It was 20 miles, but now I'm thinking I should have gone farther. I'm not sure what pace to go at because the program I was following said I should run my long runs two minutes below race pace, but now I'm not sure what my race pace is because I didn't get a chance to do a tune-up race."

The Complete Article CONTINUES HERE

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MF Rendevous

Since doing the I-Runs at River Promenade on Tues and Thur, I have not been able to join the SAFRA MF training much. Since I-Run@RP was taking a respite due to F1, I had the chance to pop over to MF to visit old friends and running khakis.

Met Adam at Ah Kun and had a good chat about some of the recent happenings at I-Runs and at SAFRA. Alber soon joined in, and we spoke about FatBird Marathon Pacers. There was a reasonable crowd of about 30+ runners, and I had a nice time catching up with the runners. The weather was rather humid, but still nice and dry.

It has been some time since I ran the Delta Canal annd along Ridley Park...nice. Along the old CMPB near Dempsey, I picked up speed to follow a few fast-running babes....later found out that they were the Tiong Bahru Runners....wow, fast. If they had already done 1-2 full marathons, I would consider them for FatBird Pacers....nvm, next time :) Many of the SAFRA khakis have received news about FatBird through the website and newsletters, and they were pretty keen in our training programs and activities.....so I spent some time story-telling lah...haha

The Garmin 405 measured 13.7km when I finished in 1hr15min (actual run time)....very accurate...more people were keen on getting the Garmin when we shared the benefits and user-friendliness with them....I hope there are enough sticks out there for this weekend....hehe.

Invited a few people to join us for Pacer Training....good that they are enthusiastic about giving something back to the running community by helping more runners achieve their marathon goals...I hope we can build up the Pacing Team gradually to provide good marathon pacing services for races from 10km-84km on road and trail....well, that remains to be seen, as good support and encouragement will surely be required for that to happen.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Changi Connection...

Went for the second I-Run at Changi Business Park last evening, and led the 10km group of runners. A good stretching routine by Emelyn preceded the run, with Team FatBird decked out in the bright, luminous yellow T (our run-leading colours at CBP). Because of the roadworks around the Expo area, there was a need for the team to make some modifications to the routes.

I led the 10km run along with Jancy and Vincent. AC and Niwas took care of the 5km runners, while DO, Helen and Emelyn looked after the 3km. A few familiar faces joined us from the other I-Run locations....Paul, Michael, zco, Rita. After getting through the few traffic stops, it was a smooth run on soft grounds along the PCN at Bedok Park. Sacha and Ming were running steadily, while Giorgio and a few other veterans were racing ahead....good that Jancy knew the way and led them to the 5km U-turn point.

I was trying out my new toy, the Garmin Forerunner 405, and it was accurate to a T when I hit the U-turn point with its reading at 4.9km. It seems that a number of SgRunners and FatBird members have gotten the Garmin lately.....good....then we have more runners with a good tool to calculate accurate distances ran, and to recce for new routes for training and runs. Met Kaster and his colleague, new runners to CBP on the return, and had a good chat about marathon training with them. I then caught up with zco, and for the final 2km, I was racing with Ming....haha, fast runner, but both of us had a satisfying hard run to the finish :)

My Garmin recorded a distance of 9.9km, with time of 55min. The good thing about the device/watch is that it is able to stop measuring time and distance when we are below a certain pace to cater to standstills or walks.....that gives quite an accurate reading, especially when we have to cross traffic junctions, or wait for runners at critical junctions to guide them. The actual elapsed time as shouted out by DO was 61min.

I got to know quite a number of I-Runners who were rather serious about marathon and long distance training....they should join some of the FatBird Marathon Training sessions. The team will assume full responsibility for run-leading, including stretching, for all 3km, 5km, 10km distances from next Monday. I hope to see I-Run@CBP grow in strength, just like it did in River Promenade and International Business Park.

Distance: 9.9km__Time: 55min__Pace: 5:33min/km

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Team FatBird Pacer Training Session #4

Team FatBird Marathon Training

It was yet another good turnout this Saturday morning. There were a number of new people who joined in the run, as Team FatBird was scheduled to do 24km from 7-11 @ ECP to Changi Coastal Road and back. The usual group of marathon trainees were present. FatBird A gave a brief of the route to run, and explained to the combined group of Pacees and trainees where to do the U-turn.

We started off at about 7am, at aound a 6min/km pace. The runners were maintaining a more steady pace this morning....even the fast ones like Bug was taking his time to accompany a friend. The weather was cool but not warm. There were quite a number of groups doing their training, and we acknowledged familiar faces as we ran by.

My Pace group reached NSRCC in 48min, and we continued to move along the PCN towards Coastal Road. Pacers Chantelle and Beverly were maintaining quite a good pace. As we hit Coastal Road, acidburn and Bug were already running back. Acid told us to turn at the 2nd shed for a 12km U-turn. We reached the 12km U-turn in 1hr10min, slightly less than 6min/km pace. The road surface of Coastal Road was a lot softer than the hard grounds of ECP, and it offered good relief for some of our battered legs...(hmm, we really have to run less at ECP to save the legs of our Pacers and Marathon trainees...we should move to Changi Beach Park and run along Coastal Road instead).

Babumouse followed us for most of the way as we increased pace to do a negative split on the way back. By the time we reached back to 7-11 start point in 2hr15min, most of the runners have returned, and were chilling out with the cool 100-plus provided with the help of Ultraman and his 'water' team of PassionRunner, Niwas, Terry....great job guys! Gana and Sacha did their 7km warm-up run, and we had a good discussion on how to marry the Pacers training with the trainees for time-based group training clinics....hmm, some interesting ideas to chew on :) Sacha also generously provided chilled bottled isotonic drinks....nice!

Once we got most of the runners back, the customary group photos were taken.....quite a smooth operation this morning. Lots of tips-sharing, chit-chats about running shoes and gear, as well as new routes for future training sessions transpired. It was a fun training session for all, but definitely a hard workout for many.

FatChicks designing FatBird's running top :)

After washing up, we gathered at the usual MacD for iced-cold Milo, McGriddles and ice-cream. The new FatBird running top's design looked cool, and we hope to get it printed on the Marathon Pacers' gear soon for that unique identity. And yes, the Nike Speed Cage I was trying performed pretty good for the 24km this morning....for longer distances on that terrain, I figured a good pair of more cushioned Vomeros would be helpful.

Distance: 24km__Time: 2hr20min_Pace: 5:50min/km

Photo Slideshow from FatBird Esther

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Bowerman Series - The Katanas

I have had good experience with Nike's Bowerman series running shoes like the Vomero and the Katana IV. I recently received a pair of Katana Speed Cage which is an update to the very reliable Katana Cage trainers/marathoners. I have brought it for 2 short runs; the forefoot and heel cushioning were pretty ample.

(Air Zoom) Speed Cage

I feel that the Speed Cage is good for up to 21km. I am keen to bring it for longer runs to test its suitability for a full marathon...hoping that it can be recommended for some of the Marathon Pacers.

(Air Zoom) Katana Rac3r III

For the shorter distances like 5km and 10km, I had been saving this pair of Katana Racer, which has rather good forefoot cushioning. Since I am not too much of a heel striker, the thinner heel cushioning does not trouble me much, except if I run on hard concrete ground. I have brought it out for a couple of 8-10km runs, and it has performed very well indeed....close to my beloved Katana IV, which is into the 600km mark (and I still do not have the heart to retire it).

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

FatBirds land @ Changi Business Park

Team FatBird & DynaForce @ I-Run

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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Team FatBird's Centipede at the start, courtesy taz

First time running through the new KPE Tunnel....first time do a run with free registration....first time trying out the Centipede format in a run. FatBirds and friends gathered at Kovan Heartland Mall, before taking the bus provided by LTA to the start point along Tampines Road. There was quite a crowd gathered, but fortunately, the group taking part in 10km was quite small.

Team FatBird's members, decked out in our official blue AeroGraphics running gear, were linked together via comms-cord and caribinas. Jancy, Frootloops, Niwas and Bev were leading the centipede formation, with Spencer, Vincent, Quincy, Terry, ckoksing, Charmane, zco, Cokiee, acidburn, DO among others following behind. Raven and myself covered the rear to prevent any stray runners from running into the formation. Wendy and acleong were running alongside for some parts, and taking photos for us.

The first 3km into the tunnel was quite stuffy, and we sweated buckets. With our 6min/km pace, we moved along quite smoothly. Sleek, babygal, Taz, Mike Kang, outrider were among the pacers following us...pacers pacing pacers? hehe. With their help to guide traffic, and open up passageways, FatBird Centipede's journey was pretty smooth. Along the way, we met tekko, Molly, and many other familiar faces from SgRunners, I-Run, MF Runners and other running communities. All the runners were enjoying themselves, and as FatBird went with the cheers of 'Go FatBird Go....GO', many onlookers were quite amused with the formation and the precision of how we were pacing...hehe.

When we reached about 8km, we hit the human wall of 5km runners and had to slow down to a slightly slower 6min+/km pace. Sleek dropped back to locate babygal while FatBird tried to weave ourselves through the thick crowd. I had to raise my voice for 'Go, FatBird Go' commands, so that the runners would know of our coming through....it did work quite well in the end. I was surprised to see the end point come into sight after a while, and we shouted and cheered all the way through the finish. An ambulance was right ahead trying to go into the tunned to rescue those who had fainted from the apparent thin and bad air in the tunnel.

Light at the end of the tunnel for Team FatBird, courtesy of acleong

We finished the 9.8km in 1hr2min....hmm, not bad for a Centipede run comprising of 16 kakis. We collected an interesting goodie bag after the run, and proceed for some nice ice-cold milo. There were walkers on stilts, and a carnival to entertain the families and social runners....quite a nice atmosphere for all. We were fortunate to be in the short queue for the buses back to Kovan, and met up with Bert and Jo from I-Run @ IBP. Overall, a nice Sunday outing with friends from FatBird and SgRunners.

Photo Slideshow from acleong's cam

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

FatBird Marathon Training Session #3

FatBirds & Friends, courtesy PassionR

FatBird Marathon Pacers & Trainees, courtesy Fatbird J's cam

It was a cool morning, and when I arrived to ECP MacD, there was a large gathering waiting to start off the 22km-24km FatBird Training Run. Many runners came (see photo), and FatBird Marathon Pacers were around to help with the training and pacing. TriFam Pacers led by David tay were also on hand to do the 18km Pacer Training menu.

It was a very happening crowd, with runners from SgRunners, SAFRA, and even MR25 runners joining us for the training. Ultraman was already there, and he brought an entourage of babe runners as well 100plus drinks...thanks Ultra. We started off at about 7am, and proceeded towards NSRCC. The big group ran, chatted and laughed as we ran, slowing dispersing into the various smaller teams with different pace timings. The fast ones like FeetOfFury, LaiChee, bug, teelee, Colleen were up front. There was a large mid-pack where DO and I ran along. We chatted with new runners like edison, as well as caught up with familiar ones like la_senza, Passion, Mashie, YN and supcon.

DO and I stationed ourselves at NSRCC to wave the runners to U-turn towards Fort Road. All were cheery, but very focused. HophIng, Frootloops, Terry and the young ones were pretty consistent. Niwas and Cokiee who came slightly later, joined in midway, and caught up with the rest. Chantelle was running strong as usual, and enjoying herself as she moved past the inline skating park towards Fort Road. I caught up with Ah Beng and Ong from I-Run and ran along with them towards Fort Road and back. These runners were getting faster, and just needed to improve their form, before doing even better timings. With the FatBird Pacers coming on-stream in the next two weeks, we are confident that many of them training with the Pacers will have no problem hitting their target Marathon timings.

I was impressed with the hydration support organized by Ultraman and Passion for this morning. Cups of 100plus were handed to the Pacers and Marathon trainees as we ran past the shed, machiam like being in a race.....hehe....well done! After the turn at Fort Road, I could see Feet on the return for another 4km....he did 28km. We ran at a steady pace to the end to the large crowd who were enjoying their 100plus. Run timings of the trainees were recorded, before we proceeded for some nice group pics.

The weather held out to the end, and it was indeed an enjoyable morning run for all. Because of the KPE SWING the next day, the 21km+ was just sufficient to burn off some of the mooncakes I had swallowed over the past 1 week...hehe. The Marathon training group is growing, and I look forwward to more joining in as the weeks towards the SCSM progresses. It was very fun to run and train in groups, and I hope to have the fatBird Pacers join in and train along with the Marathon trainees by end September :)

Photo SlideShow, courtesy Passion's cam

Follow Our Pace, Win Your Race
Team FatBird Pacers

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pacers for SCSM08

Recent updates have it that 48,000 people have signed up for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM08) to date, and the organizers are extending 2,000 slots. Registrations in the Full Marathon category have registered the highest increase by 31 % since registration opened on 21 July.

Enjoy all the beautiful sights that SCSM's course has to offer and let someone else worry about your time goal! Run with one of the Pace Groups, enjoy the race and let the experienced Pacers do the math and deliver you to the finish line on time.

Below are a few frequently asked questions about Pacing, Pace Teams and what will happen on race day.

What is a Pace Group?
A Pace Group is a number of runners working together to achieve a shared time goal. The group is lead by a Pacer who is experienced in running marathons and running with groups of people. Whether you are trying to set a PB, qualify for another race, or just get across the finish line a Pace Group is the way to go!

Will there be Pacers at this years Standard Chartered Marathon?
Team FatBird is looking to offer Pace Groups at the SCSM08 for the Marathon and Half Marathon. Our Team is comprised of experienced distance runners who love helping fellow runners realize their goals. Many of our Pacers return year after year to help you enjoy the marathon experience and achieve your running goal. Think of them as your coach-on-the-run!

How were the Pacers chosen?
All of our Pacers are chosen because of their serious, multi-marathon experience, a number with proven successes as Pace Team leaders for several marathons. All of the Pacers have both competitive marathoning and running backgrounds. Our Pacers are dynamic and personable, and know from past experience exactly what it takes to help you have a great marathon experience.

Do I need to sign up for a Pace Team?
To join a Pace Group simply contact Team FatBird members or your name, email, hp, race distance, target timing to teamfatbird@gmail.com.

What Pace Groups will be offered?
Team FatBird aspires to offer the following Pace Groups, subject to availability of suitable and committed Pacer candidates, and runners' demand

Groups will be leading to finish the Half marathon in the following times:
1:45, 2:00, 2:15

Groups will be leading to finish the Full marathon in the following times:
3:45, 4:00, 4:15, 4:30, 4:45, 5:00, 5:15, 5:30

What pace per km will we run and how do they keep the pace consistent?
We will be running "even effort" which means that every km will be run at approximately the same pace. The first few km are always a bit slow, due to the crowds. The Pacers may use their discretion in adjust the pace to cater for varying terrain. Our goal is to run continually even splits, and when course conditions prevent this, we will make up any lost time over the entirety of the race, not over one or two km.

Our Pacers are familiar with pacing and how to keep it consistent. . (They may use a special watch that will help them to run each km at a consistent pace, ensuring that their groups make their time goal!)

Are we going to go right out on pace?
Sometimes it is crowded at the start line and may take a couple of km to settle into a steady pace. Most importantly our Pacers won't take you out too fast and burn up all your energy early on.

Can I get a Pace Band as well?
Pace Bands may be made be available to all participants in either half marathon event or the full marathon event whether you choose to run with a Pace Group or not. The Pace Band will note the distance split times so if you should lose the group for some reason (pit stop?) you can help yourself stay on pace. Pace Bands will be available closer to the Marathon date.

What are the Pacer Training runs about?
This will be a chance to meet your Pacers and find out about their strategy for the half or full marathon.

How do I meet up with my Pace Team on race morning?
Will update closer to the race day!

What will the Pacer do at the water stations?
Most Pacers will run through the water stations and maintain pace. Each Pacer will let the team know his/her strategy for getting through the water stations. Some Pacers may choose to slow down or walk through the stops depending upon the group. Be sure to check with your Pacer if this is extremely important to you so that you are not surprised if they don't walk these stations.

Will there be walking breaks?
Your pacer will maintain even splits right through the water stops. However, we want you to run your race as you have planned and trained. If you trained with walk breaks, race morning is not the time to make a change. Use the Pacer as a guide and take your walk breaks just as you did in training. Since even splits are maintained throughout the race, you should be able to take walk breaks and still spend time in the presence of your Pacer, as you will continually "meet up" over the course of the race.

Do Runners/Pacees have to stay with the Pacer for the entire race?
No. Run your own race and enjoy yourself. If you are feeling great and want to run faster, go for it. If it's not turning out to be your day slow down. Pacees can always drop back to the next Pace Group. Just know that the Pacer will not speed up or slow down for the group but rather stick to the goal pace.

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

MR25 (30km) Progressive Run 2008

The warriors @ MR25 30km Progressive Run - We Survived!
L-R = NomadRunner, FeetOfFury, DO, Chantelle, DreamRunner, acidburn

With the heavy rains over the past few days, and even up to last night, we were all prepared for a Muddy and Slippery Progressive Run at MacRitchie this Sunday morning. I put on my old and trusty Speedstar, and met up with the usual gang at MR. Ultraman, Cheow12, Bug, teelee, Earth, Lai Chee were all carrying their 2-litre hydration packs as part of the NorthFace Challenge training. SealBoon, acidburn, Chantelle, Alvo, DO, Colleen, FeetOfFury, Mr. & Mrs. RealRunner, NomadRunner and myself were all ready to do some serious fat-burning exercise....hehe.

We started off in nice cool and dry weather, although the ground was still damp. I ran along with Neo, DO, Lian Hock, and a fast veteran MR25 runner most of the initial way. The pace set by the small group was quite comfortable, and we exited Northern Route in 21min+. We were rewarded with an opportunity to 'slack' while we waited for a good 2-3min for the golfers to tee off along the Reservoir.

The rest were in front by that time, and I only saw the main group when we ran into AirCond Road. Chantelle ran with Goola for a bit, and then with Nomad subsequently....they looked strong and relaxed, and I was glad they were enjoying this normally grueling 30km run. Deeper into AirCond Road, an old friend called out to me....a pleasant surprise....haven't met Song for many years, and he mentioned he read about my running a couple of times in the newspapers...haha.

I was just tagging along the group of 4, and giving thumbs up to the runners who were joining this for the first time....just to assure them that they were on track and in the right direction. I reached the UPR Main Gate in about 56min...slightly slower than the usual 52min for shorter runs. The guys carrying the hydration packs seemed to slow down after about 20km. Because of the slow initial pace I was following, I still felt pretty good as I entered the Rifle Range Trails. It was one muddy affair, and I nearly slipped a couple of times....wah, damn dangerous. I just had to slow down to avoid any mishaps. After navigating the long and winding Rifle Range Road, finally reached the U-turn point, and I was glad to grab a banana.

On the return back to Rifle Range Trails, saw Cheow12 and acidburn, and urged them to keep it up. The banana gave me some renewed energy and I went into Sime Trails, and spotted Neo, Earth and Ultra. I kept within range of them all the way until Lornie Trails. Sensing that it was quite close to 3hrs, I picked up my speed, and went past the few of them to finish the run in 2hr56min. I felt pretty good, not panting, although there were some tightness in my muscles.

Marks Of A Warrior

I attributed the 'feel good' factor to the higher energy levels I had from the 2 day carbo-loading sessions prior to the run...hehe. Went to wash up, and later heard Chantelle coming back to rousing cheers of the SgRunners group...Chantelle came back with lots of bruises from a bad fall she had in the trails, and she was very proud to show off her bloody scratches on the shoulders, arms and knees...ouch! We had some nice group photos to capture the memories, before heading down to Adam Food Centre for some good food and lots of fun and laughter :)

Distance: 30km XC__Time: 2hr56min__Pace: 5:52min/km

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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Marathon Pacers Training Session #3

The Marathon Pacers flexing their muscles :)

It was raining cats and dogs in the morning at around 4am. There were a number of sms-es asking if the Marathon Training Program will continue, and some indicated they could not make it down to ECP because of the heavy downpour. Regardless of weather, Team FatBird will try to go down and access the situation before deciding on the run.

The rain stopped at 6am, as I picked DO and Charmane up. When we arrived to ECP inline skating area, there was a group of SgRunners (Terry, FrootLoops...), I-Runners (YN, Ang...) and FatBirds already. Aichai, Kok Sin, Benny, DO and myself were the pacers for the day. Most of them ran the 20km route (which actually turned out to be 18.7km according to the very accurate Garmin 405)...hmm, we will have to extend the actual distance on the ground in future. As we have a MR25 30km Progressive Run tomorrow, DO and I ran an easy 10km with the group.

The weather was immaculate, cool and crisp. All of us ran in a group for most of the way, and nice chats of the MoonCake I-Run next Thursday took centre stage :). DO and I turned back at the Cable Ski area while the rest continued on. We reached back toin about 1hr; met Sleek, jeregoh who were about to go for their own 10-15km run. Bumped into Niwas and BabyGal and her Whippet who were also down to support the Marathon Trainees.

After-training against a scenic backdrop

Happy Times @ MacD

Passion came back shortly after her easy 12km, followed by AiChai and Kok Sin who did about 16km. The rest came back in about 2hr, covering 18.7km....not a bad LSD run for all. As usual, some customary group photos later, we gathered at MacD for brekky and yummy cone ice-cream....lots more talk about MoonCake run and SWING KPE centipede...hehe

Photo Slideshow
, courtesy of PassionRunner

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I-Run @ RP 280808

Scenes and I-Runners in action, courtesy of FatBird DO...

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Monday, September 01, 2008

Marathon Pacers Training Session #2

Marathon Pacers Training @ ECP, Courtesy Passion-Esther

Last Saturday morning we had the Marathon Pacees/Trainees join us for the training...we have begun to send out the weekly training schedule for the 16-week training program, beginning last week. Got the ECP inline skating park by 6.20am. The runners started coming in, and by 6:45am, we were ready to go for our 20km LSD.

It was good to have a number of I-Runners and SgRunners join us for the training. We chatted heartily as we ran towards Big Splash at an average 6:30min/km pace. By the time we turned back to inline skating park, we had covered about 4km. Brokie and Vincent just arrived, and started their approach following our earlier route. Chantelle joined us somewhere from CarPark E. It was nice running along Sarah, then supcon, then SealBoon and HophIng. Mashie and Passion turned back for a shorter 8km route.

YN was doing a very steady pace as she navigated the NSRCC stretch with very smooth strides. DO, Benny and I turned back and headed all the way back to MacD area. I caught up with Chantelle at the Food Centre area, and paced her all the way back. She ran a rather quick final 2km, as we completed our 20km in 1hr54min. We all had our timings recorded, and by then, Ang, Byron and the TriFam runners left us.

Jubilant Marathon Trainees @ ECP, Courtesy Passion-Esther

We had some nice group photos when Raven came back. We had a kind offer to wash-up at cosy Platnet Fitness at ParkWay Parade, before convening at the usual Food Centre for our Tom Yum Ramen and Tim Sum fare. Nice training session with an interesting and chatty bunch. I suspect this group of trainees will grow in numbers in the weeks ahead.

Distance: 20km__Time: 1hr54min__Pace: 5:42min/km

Complete Album From PassionRunner's Cam

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